Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I Won Another Prize! ~ from, Adventures of a London Kiwi

Emma is from New Zealand and lives in London.   Emma blogs at Adventures of a London Kiwi - it's one of my favourite blogs with a combination of foodie posts, books that she has enjoyed and her life in London.

At the end of June, Adventures of a London Kiwi celebrated one whole year of blogging and Emma hosted a giveaway.    She offered a personalised foodie parcel of gourmet goodies to the value of £25.00

I was delighted to find that I was the winner.  Emma emailed me to get an idea of my likes and dislikes and today, the huge parcel arrived.    I was so excited when Martin phoned to tell me that it had been delivered to his office.

Oh. My. Goodness.   The parcel was filled to the very top with a wonderful selection of fabulous foodie gorgeousness - I was a little bit overwhelmed but thrilled to bits with absolutely everything!

Here's what is in the box:

Tyrrells Swanky Veg Crisps - Candy Striped Beetroot, Red Beetroot & Blue Potato Crisps. I'm a real crisp addict and especially like the gourmet varieties.  I've not tried these yet but am a fan of vegetable crisps and am looking forward to tasting this unusual flavour.

Eazy Pop Microwave Popcorn - Sweet and Top of the Pop Microwave Popcorn - Hot Pepper.   Lately I've been enjoying the sweet n salty popcorn that is sold in most of the supermarkets - I'm going to really enjoy making my own version in the microwave.

Perach Rice Crisps in Zaatar & Olive Oil   I'm really curious about these.  I eat a lot of rice cakes - usually with cheese or pate and these look like crisp size rice cakes.  I've never come across zaatar before - it's a Middle Eastern herb, and sounds as though it will be similar to thyme.

Kurkure Masala Munch    Another new savoury treat for me to try.  These are popular in India.  Crunchy strands with a masala hit.

A really pretty bag of Hope & Greenwood Afternoon Tea Sweets.  Emma told
me that she bought these in Selfridges.  I've heard of Hope & Greenwood - they are a very 'vintage' sweetie brand.  The packaging is gorgeous and inside there are boiled sweets in three different flavours; lemon meringue, cherry bakewell and treacle tart.   I've tried the lemon meringue and they are delicious.

Arnott's Shapes - Pizza flavour.  These are a real Australian treat and have been around in Oz for almost 150 years!

A box of Pukka Good Morning Organic English Breakfast Tea.  I love a good
cup of tea, and drink gallons of the stuff throughout the day.  English Breakfast is my favourite - nothing quite beats a traditional cuppa.

 I told Emma that I love Greece and Greek food and she was good enough to include a couple of proper Greek delights.  A jar of  Gaea Kalamata Olive Tapenade and some Sunita Honey Halva with Pistachios - two of my very favourite Greek treats.

 A little bag of Country Products Chilli Bites was next in the box - I'm
a fan of chilli, but don't like it too hot.  I've not tasted these yet, so don't know if they have a kick or a kiss yet!

The lovely little pot of Newton & Pott Mango Salsa Chutney is made by a local friend of Emma's.  I'm told that it's divine with cheese and crackers.

I love Sesame Seed Snaps and usually have a couple of packets in my bag, so was delighted that there were two bars included in the parcel.

And then came the chocolate!  A packet of Bahlsen Choco Friends - wafer biscuits covered in chocolate.

Some Allen's Jaffas - these are another Australian product and are delicious - similar to Smarties, but bigger and more organgy!

And finally, a bar of Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt from Pret - I'm loving salty caramel and salty chocolate at the moment so this is a real treat!

Emma also included a personalised bookmark in the parcel, along with a lovely card.

I'm really thrilled with my prize and want to say another huge thanks to Emma for putting together such a personal prize.