Sunday 10 November 2013

Is This Love? by Sue Moorcroft

How many ways can one woman love?
When Tamara Rix's sister Lyddie is involved in a hit-and-run accident that leaves her in need of constant care, Tamara resolves to remain in the village she grew up in. Tamara would do anything for her sister, even sacrifice a long-term relationship.
But when Lyddie's teenage sweetheart Jed Cassius returns to Middledip, he brings news that shakes the Rix family to their core. Jed's life is shrouded in mystery, particularly his job, but despite his strange background, Tamara can't help being intrigued by him.
Can Tamara find a balance between her love for Lyddie and growing feelings for Jed, or will she discover that some kinds of love just don't mix?

Is This Love? is Sue Moorcroft's ninth novel and was published by Choc Lit on 7 November 2013.

I have to hold up my hand and with shame admit that this is the first Sue Moorcroft novel that I have read. My friend Anne, who blogs at Being Anne .. has recommended Sue's books to me many times and now I realise why and I'm determined that I will catch up with her back catalogue very soon.

Is This Love? is set in a fictional large village; Middledip and although the cover is a mass of pink hearts, this is not just a story of love and romance, it is a story of the sort of love that keeps a family afloat through the toughest of times.  Yes, there's a good dose of romance and a perfectly adorable leading man, but the overarching theme of this story is that of sibling love.

Tamara loves her sister Lyddie, she adores her and will do anything to make Lyddie's life easier - styling her hair in the fashion of Stars Wars characters, eating popcorn, making sure that there are enough pink wafer biscuits to satisfy her and generally watching out for her.   It's something of a shock to find that Lyddie is not Tamara's younger sister, in fact she is a good few years older than her - in body anyway.  Lyddie was hurt in a hit and run accident many years ago, she suffered brain damage, and will always live life with the mind of a small child.  The accident and it's after effects have shaped the entire family ever since.  

Tamara and her boyfriend Max are splitting up.  Max has a great new job, but it means moving away and Tamara just can't do that.  When Lyddie's childhood sweetheart Jed arrives on the scene and delivers some devastating news to the family, Tamara is just not sure where to turn.  Jed is gorgeous, she is attracted to him, but starting a relationship with him could rupture their whole family.

Sue Moorcroft is an incredibly accomplished author, she has created a wonderful cast of characters, playing out a marvellous story in a just fabulous setting.  Lyddie is adorable and Jed is gorgeous.  Tamara has her daft moments, but on the whole she's a pretty realistic character.  Jed's employers are dark and mysterious, his brother Manny is significantly silent and the alpacas are just damn cute!

I enjoyed every page of this novel, it's the perfect anecdote to the cold, grey and damp weather outside. It's cheering, well plotted and a thoroughly great read.

My thanks to Choc Lit who sent my copy for review - another success from a great publisher!

Sue Moorcoft is a working writer.  Is This Love? is her ninth novel and sixth novel with Choc Lit - Starting Over, All That Mullarkey, Want To Know a Secret, Love & Freedom and Dream A Little Dream.
Love & Freedom won the 2011 Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award from the Festival of Romance and Dream A Little Dream was shortlisted for a 2013 Romantic Novel Award.
Sue has published over a hundred short stories, articles and several serials in magazines.  She was a runner-up in the Ford Fiesta Short Story Competition and a winner of the Katie Fforde Bursary Award.  She's a creative writing tutor for distance learning and residential courses in the UK and abroad.  She has written course for the London School for Journalism and, with her tutor's hat on: LOVE WRITING - How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction.  She is Vice Chairman of the Romantic Novelist's Association.

For more information visit, follow her on Twitter, and find her on Facebook. 


  1. So delighted to see you've finally read and enjoyed one of Sue`s books - and there's so many more to catch up on! Thanks for the mention.

    1. And thank you for the recommendation, Anne. :-)

  2. Thank you for such a positive review! What a fantastic start to a cold wet Monday. :-)

  3. Lucky you Anne to have just discovered Sue's books. I have read them all and you have a real treat ahead discovering them. A word of warning though - I have never managed to fall out of love with the hero in All That Mullarkey. Please don't tell my husband. :-)