Saturday 1 March 2014

The Key To It All by Joanna Rees

When five random people simultaneously receive ‘the key’, they don’t realize that their lives are about to change forever. 
Shrouded in secrecy, the mysterious silver key is delivered to each of them along with a code, a web address and a promise that – if used wisely – it can unlock a door to luxury and privilege beyond their wildest dreams. 
However, as each of them begins to use the key, they are propelled into a world of hazy moral choices, and soon start to question their enigmatic gift. 
Who is funding the key’s lavish promises? And why have they been chosen to receive it? 
Only the bravest will use it to seek the truth . . .

The Key To It All by Joanna Rees was published by Pan Macmillan on 27 February 2014.

Five very different people, located all across the world are the recipients of a key.  This key can be the answer to their prayers, or could be the start of a nightmare.
Each of them receive exactly the same key, each of them have exactly the same instructions, and none of them have a clue who sent the key, or why.
It soon becomes clear to these five people that the key will allow them access to riches beyond their belief, it will allow them to become powerful, and famous and noticed by others.

Being the owner of the key will also thrust them into situations where their morals and beliefs are tested, and they will all deal with these challenges in different ways.

The Key To It All is an action-packed story that is intriguing from the start. Each of the five characters are developed excellently, and each of their stories are tightly woven into a plot that is filled with glitz, glamour, violence, terror and the ultimate pay-back.

The reader is transported right across the globe, taking in Rio, London and Cannes amongst others. The descriptions are lush, the characters are real and well-developed. As the individual character stories begin to start to link together, the pace really becomes frantic but more and more compellling.

As well as being a fantastic read, The Key To It All will make readers stop and consider. What would you do if you were offered access to everything you ever wanted?  Would you question? Would you accept, not knowing if it would end, or if you would ever have to pay for it?

The Key To It All is racy, it's well-paced and it's a great concept and excellently written.  I enjoyed every page - highly recommended.

Joanna Rees, aka Josie Lloyd and Jo Rees, is a bestselling writer of twelve novels that range from rom-coms to blockbusters and big hearted romances and include Come TogetherPlatinum and A Twist of Fate
With nearly twenty years writing experience, Joanna also teaches creative writing in schools and libraries and runs a successful novel editing business, 
Based in Brighton, Joanna is married to the author Emlyn Rees with whom she has three daughters. They have co-written seven novels, including the Sunday Times number one bestseller Come Together which was translated into 27 languages and made into a film. 
Their latest collaboration, also a bestseller, is We’re Going on a Bar Hunt, a humorous adult parody of the children’s classic We’re Going On A Bear Hunt
For more information on Joanna and her books check out her blog Mum Writes Books
She's on twitter @joannareesbooks.


  1. Sounds wonderful - thanks for the review. I am going to look this one up!

  2. Oooh, I have to be honest and say the cover of this is really naff and not something I would have picked up off the shelf in a million years, but the premise sounds great! I love anything like this where seemingly unconnected strangers are 'chosen' for something by an unseen entity. It sounds really gripping. I'm very tempted to check this out now.