Monday 21 July 2014

Kellie at Come-alive Cottage by Wendy Unsworth

Aunt kitty is a very unusual witch - every time she waves her magic wand something goes wrong! 
Come-alive Cottage is full of Aunt Kitty's gone - wrong spells, like the postman who has been turned into a Christmas elf, flowers that say 'sniff me!' and a watering can that gets grumpy when water goes up his spout!  

And when her aunt starts making spells with snakes, Kellie Culpepper has to jump to the rescue! 

This is the first adventure for Kellie at Come-alive Cottage and there are plenty more to come! 

A fun, read-aloud story.

I don't feature children's books on Random Things very often, but I was so taken by Kellie at Come-alive Cottage that I just had to share, and urge anyone who has small children who like stories to go out and get a copy.

This is a short book at just under 50 pages, but it is the perfect read-aloud story for young children. Packed full of the silliest of characters with the wildest of names and wonderfully illustrated by Frances Lee West.

It reminded me of Pippi Longstocking and Roald Dahl's The Twits, and I was really bewitched by the story and I just know that children will be entranced too.

Kellie, the heroine of the story, is the daughter of two explorers.  Her two aunts; Aunt Sillime and Aunt Kitty are perfectly bonkers, and Kellie spends a very unpredictable and exciting couple of days staying with Aunt Kitty in Come-alive Cottage.  Spells go wrong and watering cans get annoyed, postmen are shrunk and a python appears.

Welcome to the crazy, delightful and colourful world of Kellie and her family.  A joy, for both children and adults.

Wendy Unsworth was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England; her passions are her family, travel, beautiful gardens and reading and writing stories.

Wendy lived in Ndola, Zambia and Nairobi, Kenya throughout the 1980's and early '90's before returning to the U.K. to acclimatise back to the English weather in a Cornish cottage close to Bodmin Moor! The African continent has left a lasting impression; The Palaver Tree, her first novel in the Berriwood series is set in a fictional Central African country and Cornwall.

Wendy also enjoys writing for children.
Kellie at Come-alive Cottage is a fun, read-aloud story introducing Kellie Culpepper and her very unusual family who include explorers, a very silly aunt and a witch that can't stop turning into a cat!

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