Monday 29 June 2015

The Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin

Golden peonies bowing their heads beneath blue delphinium bells. Delicate pink anemones threaded between freckled green orchids. Soft apricot roses woven together with velvety purple irises.
Every bouquet tells a story.
And every story begins at Blossom & Grow, a tiny jewel-like flower shop in the heart of Dublin. Here, among the buckets of fragrant blooms, beneath the flickering candles and lanterns, Lara works her magic. Translating feelings into flower arrangements that change hearts and lives.
But what about her own heart? Has she really healed since she lost her chance to be a mother? What will happen when her own story takes a sudden turn?
Can the flowers that heal the customers work their magic on the florist?
Drawing together a delightful cast of characters, Ella Griffin brings her warmth, wit and wisdom to a captivating tale woven aItround a Dublin florist.

The Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin was published by Orion on 18 June 2015, and is the author's third novel.

Ella Griffin's first novel, Postcards From the Heart was one of first books that I featured on Random Things, I also read and reviewed her second book, The Heart Whisperer, in January 2013. I enjoyed both of those books so much, and was delighted to receive a copy of The Flower Arrangement for review.

Once again, Ella Griffin has created a story that is warm and uplifting, dealing with serious and complicated issues at times, with a wonderfully created lead character at it's heart.

The star of the novel for me is Lara's florist shop; Blossom & Grow. I love flowers, and adore florist shops. For me, there is something incredibly special about entering that cool, damp air that every florist shop has and picking out a bunch of flowers that exactly suit my mood. Somedays it could be beautifully scented stocks, another day I'll pick freesias and quite often I'll ask for an assortment of wildflowers. Ella Griffin has so cleverly recreated those feelings with her intuitive and descriptive writing.

Lara, the heroine of this novel has also always loved flowers. Her widowed father bought a bunch of flowers and gave it to her every week. Her Dad brought her and her brother Phil up after the death of their mother. Lara, Phil and their father remain incredibly close and support each other through sadness and tragedy.

Ella Griffin has so cleverly constructed this story. Naming each chapter after a particular flower and dedicating it to a particular character. Each of these individual stories weave together to create the whole thing. Some characters play a bigger role, some develop and some take just a small role, but each one adds something to the depth and beauty of this book.

Filled with descriptions of flowers, and how they add to any and every occasion, from birth to death, this really is a fabulous story. I adore Lara, I felt her sorrow and her pain, and admired her generosity and spirit.

A really special read. Ella Griffin's writing gets better with every book.

Huge thanks to Orion who sent my copy for review.

Ella Griffin was born in Dublin. 

She is an award-winning advertising copywriter and travel writer. 

She lives in County Wicklow with her husband Neil and their deerhound Haggis.

Follow her on Twitter @EllaGriffin1      

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