Monday, 25 July 2016

The #SummerSix with @deadgoodbooks #SummerSix

I'm thrilled to be part of the #SummerSix campaign with @deadgoodbooks and Penguin, Random House.

The #SummerSix are six recent books from six fabulous authors and all of them are fabulous page turners and really worthy of taking up space in your summer holiday suitcase.

Or, take advantage of our unusually summery weather and plonk yourself in the garden, or in the park and get lost in a great story.

So here's the line up, which one will you choose?  Here's a hint from me ..... read all six!

Lying In Wait by Liz Nugent: Published in paperback on 14 July

Lydia Fitzsimons lives in a perfect house with her adoring husband and loving son. There is just one thing Lydia yearns for to make her perfect life complete, though the last thing she expects is that pursuing it will lead to murder.  However, needs must - because nothing can stop this mother from getting what she wants ...

I read and reviewed Lying in Wait on Random Things earlier this month: here's a snippet from my review:  "Tightly plotted and excellently paced, Lying in Wait is absolutely gripping. The writing is excellent, the surprises never stop. It is unnerving and irresistible, dark with a devastating twist."

My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry: Published in ebook on 26 May 2016, and paperback on 25 August

When lawyer Lily marries Ed, she's determined to make a fresh start. To leave the secrets of the past behind.  But when she takes on her first criminal case, she starts to find herself strangely drawn to her client. A man who is accused of murder. A man she will soon be willing to risk everything for.
But is he really innocent?
And who is she to judge?

My review of My Husband's Wife was on Random Things at the beginning of May.  My review included:  "My Husband's Wife is an 'onion' novel. Peel away one layer and you'll find more and more, and each layer is essential to the story. Sometimes complicated and touching on some serious issues, this is a very fine debut novel."

Disclaimer by Renee Knight: Published in hardback on 9 April 2015 and paperback on 31 December

When an intriguing novel appears on Catherine's bedside table, she curls up and begins to read. 
But as she turns the pages she is horrified to realise she is a key character, a main player.
The story will reveal her darkest secret.
A secret she thought no one else knew. 

Little Boy Blue by M J Arlidge: published in paperback on 2 June 2016

DI Helen Grace is back and it's her most personal case yet. She investigates the shocking murder of a close friend found cocooned in plastic. The investigation soon threatens to expose Helen's private life and she has to make some tough personal choices along the way, as she hunts for a twisted killer. These murders are part of a calculated attempt to bring Helen down ....

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben: published in paperback on 30 June 2016

If your husband was murdered.
And you were a witness
How do you explain it when he appears on your nanny cam?
You thought you trusted him
Now you can't even trust yourself.

In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware: published in paperback on 31 December 2015

Nora hasn't seen Clare for ten years.  Not since the day Nora walked out of her old life and never looked back/
Until, out of blue, an invitation to Clare's hen party arrives. A weekend in a remote cottage - the perfect opportunity for Nora to reconnect with her best friend, to put the past behind her.
But something goes wrong.
Very wrong.
And as secrets and lies unravel, out in the dark, dark wood the past will finally catch up with Nora.

In A Dark Dark Wood was featured on Random Things in July last year.  Here's what I said about it:
"In A Dark Dark Wood is chilling and sinister and sent shivers down my spine on more than one occasion. It's not just a psychological thriller, although it is a very very good one, it's also a look at friendships, and hurts and let downs. It's a study of how a jealous mind can work, it's a lesson in misunderstanding and regret."

So, there are your choices. Each one of the books will be discussed in detail over at the Dead Good website

You can Tweet @deadgoodbooks and tell them which of the books you'd recommend to a friend, using #SummerSix or snap a written version of your recommendation on Instagram (@deadgoodbooks) with the hashtag and you'll automatically be entered into a draw to win a set of all six books and an additional set to give to a friend.

DeadGood are also giving away a Kindle Paperwhite - just in case you are running out of suitcase space - enter on their website

Good Luck, and Happy Summer Reading!!



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  1. I havent read any of those but they all sound great so i will add them all to my wish list. I love the "onion" phrase!
    All of the books intrigue me. I love Coben anyway. I love DI Grace novels too. I'm also really interested in Disclaimer. Some great choices there.