Tuesday 3 January 2017

UK Blog Awards 2017 #UKBA2017 Arts & Culture Finalist @UKBlogAwards

Crikey! 2017 has started with a real bang for me and for Random Things Through My Letterbox.

Yesterday I was astounded, shocked and really thrilled to discover that I am a finalist in the Arts and Culture category of the UK Blog Awards 2017.

The UK Blog Awards® was founded to recognise individuals and companies that develop content on their Blog and Vlog platform.
The awards ceremony is held annually in central London with a mix of Bloggers, Vloggers, PR's, Journalists and Brands.

The thing that makes me happiest about this huge achievement, is that I got there because people voted for me, and it is all about the content of the blog.  The content is what really matters to me, it's always been 'all about the books', and it always will be.

I'm in the Arts & Culture category with five other blogs, and they are very swanky, and compared to little old me, blogging on a Blogger template, they all look very professional.

What your entry will be judged onOnce the Public Vote closes the top 8 individual and company Blogs and Vlogs from each category will be put forward to our expert Industry Judges 
There will be two-three industry Judges per category and the UKBA organiser will also judge 
The criteria for the awards are 1) Design  2) Style  3) Content  4) Marketing  5) Usability
Out of the above 5 criteria, will be further 5 sub criterias. 
To win a UK Blog Award is no easy task and takes our panel a considerable amount of time to assess the content that has been shortlisted 
The top 8 Blogs from each Industry Category (Individual and Companies) will be shortlisted and will be showcased on the UKBA website 
To be shortlisted for a UK Blog Award is a great achievement in itself

You can check out the other finalists, and the other categories by visiting the UK Blog Awards website, there are some amazing bloggers there!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me.  I'm delighted to have got to the finals, and although I really don't expect to win, I'm very excited about attending the Awards Ceremony in April.

Thank You!



  1. You work so hard you really deserve this recognition and I'm very pleased I was able to make my vote count for you x Keep dancing!

  2. Fab, Anne. I hope you win. Do you get to go to the swanky do as a finalist?

  3. Amazing - congrats! You are an inspiration - keep up the good work ��

  4. Congratulations and good luck going forward x

  5. Congratulations, Anne, and best of luck!