Monday 10 April 2017

Looking for Captain Poldark (@Quick_Reads 2017) by Rowan Coleman @rowancoleman

Four strangers, united by their shared love of POLDARK, come together on a trip to Cornwall in search of their hero...

Lisa has sworn off love and relationships after a really bad experience, but lately she’s been tempted to take a chance on a more exciting life. First she meets other fans of the TV show Poldark online. Then she proposes a very special road trip to Cornwall, in search of where their favourite show is being filmed.

But can four strangers find friendship, as well as a certain sexy hunk on their trip south?

Looking For Captain Poldark by Rowan Coleman was published as part of the Quick Reads 2017 promotion in February 2017.

I'm a huge fan of Rowan Coleman's writing and have read all of her books to date, I was really excited to hear that she was contributing a story to the Quick Reads programme this year.

Looking For Captain Poldark is just 112 pages long, and is the perfect pick-me-up read from a very talented and well-loved author. Whilst the TV programme is the glue that binds the characters together, the reader does not have to be a fan of the show. If you do love the show though, then you are in for even more of a treat.

Meet the Poldarlings; a group of Poldark fans who met via an online forum, They joined the forum to discuss their love of everything Poldark and four of them made the decision that they would travel to Cornwall to meet their hero.

Each character has their own very distinctive personality, with Lisa as the lead character; because she's the one who is driving them to Cornwall. For Lisa, this is a huge step as her self-confidence has taken a battering after a failed relationship.

Each chapter begins with a countdown of the miles travelled, and how far they have left to go, along with the current radio station and song being played, These songs are all relevant to the story, and as each of the Poldarlings join the trip, a little bit of their personality and back story is revealed. These characters are a very mixed bunch, and all of them have been hiding behind their online persona. As the journey progresses, they begin to reveal their true selves, with all the baggage and drama that accompanies them.

Rowan Coleman is a hugely talented writer who has created a bunch of characters that are vibrant and life like. Despite the length of the story, she's touched on serious and emotional issues and injected some laugh-out-loud dialogue and situations.

A heartwarming and funny little story. I enjoyed it very much, it's the perfect read to warm the heart.

Rowan Coleman lives with her husband, and five children in a very full house in Hertfordshire. She juggles writing novels with raising her family which includes a very lively set of toddler twins whose main hobby is going in the opposite directions. When she gets the chance, Rowan enjoys sleeping, sitting and loves watching films; she is also attempting to learn how to bake.Rowan would like to live every day as if she were starring in a musical, although her daughter no longer allows her to sing...

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