Monday 1 May 2017

Yellow Room by Shelan Rodger #CoverReveal @DomePress @ShelanRodger

I'm thrilled to host this very special Cover Reveal on Random Things today. Yellow Room by Shelan Rodger is a very special book, I love it so much. It will be published by Dome Press on 5 October 2017, with this absolutely beautiful cover!

Yellow Room by Shelan Rodger
Published by Dome Press
5 October 2017

 Haunted by a tragic childhood accident, Chala’s whole life has been moulded by guilt and secrets. After the death of her stepfather, who took his own secrets to the grave, Chala re-evaluates her life and volunteers at a Kenyan orphanage, where she gets caught up in the turmoil of the post election violence that took over a thousand lives in 2008. But, although she can walk away from Kenya, she cannot walk away from herself… With a poignant insight in to Kenya’s recent crisis, Yellow Room is a drama that explores the power of secrets to run, and ruin, our lives.

Dome Press on Yellow Room:

“Shelan Rodger tells emotionally complex stories in beautiful, clear writing and Yellow Room gets under your skin and doesn’t let you go. We are delighted to be publishing her."

Shelan Rodgers’ life is a patchwork of different cultures and landscapes; she was born in Nigeria, grew up among the Tiwi - an aboriginal community on an island north of Darwin, and moved to England at the age of eleven. She travelled to Buenos Aires after graduating in Modern Languages from Oxford, and stayed for nine years. Then another chapter in England, followed by six years in Kenya on flower farms by Lake Naivasha and the lower slopes of Mount Kenya.

Now, Shelan lives in Andalucia, Spain. She has learned in and outside many classrooms around the world, teaching in some of them too. Her professional career has revolved around international education, learning and development, with an emphasis during her time in Kenya on anti-discrimination. 

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