Wednesday 25 October 2017

Dear Dad by Giselle Green @gisellegreenuk #DearDad

Handsome, 27-year old, Nate Hardman is a frontline reporter with a big problem. Suffering from shell-shock and unable to leave his house, he’s already lost his social life and his girlfriend. Now his career prospects are sinking fast. 

9 year-old Adam Boxley who lives alone with his ageing nan, also has big problems. Neglected at home and bullied at school, he’s desperate to reach out to his dad – and that’s when he sends his first letter to Nate. Only Nate’s not who he thinks he is. Will he help? More importantly – can he? 

Across town meanwhile, caring but impulsive teacher Jenna Tierney really wants to help Adam - except the feisty redhead has already had enough of teaching. Recently hurt by yet another cheating boyfriend, Jenna’s now set her sights on pursuing a dream career abroad ... only she’s about to meet Nate - her dream man who’ll make her re-think everything. 

The big question is; can three people desperate to find love, ever find happiness when they’re only connected by one big lie?

Dear Dad by Giselle Green was published in May 2016. Here's another book that has sat upon my bookshelf for far too long. Finally, I got to it! I read Dear Dad on my recent holiday in Croatia, and it really was the perfect choice to take away with me.

The lead characters in Dear Dad are introduced straight away. The reader hears the story through the characters' narration, first Nate and then Jenna. I'll admit that at first I was a little overwhelmed by all of the characters and felt that there were a lot to get to know, but the author's writing flows so well and reads so easily, that I soon settled down and became familiar with each individual voice.

Nate and Jenna appear at first to have little in common and it is only as their stories progress that it becomes clear that they are in fact very similar. Both of them have their own troubles, and both of them find their own situation difficult.

It is nine-year-old  Adam who eventually links their lives together as his own sad story emerges.

Nate is a war correspondent but is suffering from PTSD, he hasn't left his home for ages, not even to collect a prestigious award. Jenna is fleeing a broken relationship; she's been working abroad as a tattoo artist but has recently returned to the UK. Unable to get another job in the trade that she loves, she goes back to teaching and young Adam is a pupil at her school.

Adam is a sad, lonely little boy. He lives with his grandmother who is unable to cope with him. He is bullied at school and all he really wants is his Dad. He writes a 'Dear Dad' letter which ends up through Nate's letterbox; and despite his own problems, Nate is touched by the words and wants to contact Adam, even though he knows that he's not his Dad.

What follows is an emotional, often funny and very touching story of how these three people become entwined, and how they help to heal each other.

Dear Dad is an unusual story that deals with some tough issues. This author tugs at the old heart strings with her emotive words and relatable characters.  A great read, I enjoyed it very much

Born in Chiswick, Giselle Green is an award-winning, contemporary women’s fiction author. Mum to six boys (half of whom have flown the nest) and owner of one bright orange-and-cinnamon canary who hopefully never will, Giselle enjoys creating emotionally-gripping storylines about family and relationships. 

Her latest novel DEAR DAD has recently been shortlisted for the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year award (March 2017). Set in the local city of Rochester, DEAR DAD is a heartwarming love story that develops when a determined 9-year-old, desperate to find his father, starts sending letters to the wrong guy ... 

Her debut novel Pandora's Box won the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writer's Award in 2008. Her third novel, A Sister's Gift achieved best-selling number one slot on Amazon kindle in 2012 and she has written six novels to date.

Giselle lives in Kent with her husband and their family.

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