Thursday 21 June 2018

Proof Positive by Lucy V Hay #BlogTour @LucyVHayAuthor @rararesources #ProofPositive

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Lizzie finds herself pregnant: she’s literally days away from her exam results and university beckons around the corner. 
The bright Lizzie has big plans, but can she have the life she wanted, with a baby in tow? What will her family and friends say? And what will the baby’s father choose to do: stay out of it, or stand by her? 
An exciting "What if..." journey in the style of "Run Lola Run" and "Sliding Doors".

Proof Positive by Lucy V Hay was published in May 2018 and is Book One of the Intersection Series.

I'm delighted to host the Blog Tour for Proof Positive and send thanks to Rachel from Rachel's Random Resources who invited me to take part. I'd also like to thank the author who sent my copy for review. Due to recent eye surgery, work, and falling behind with reviews, I've not yet had a chance to read it, but intend to post a review very soon. I've read and reviewed the author's novel The Other Twin (published by Orenda Books)  here on Random Things and enjoy her writing very much.

I'm really happy to welcome Lucy to Random Things today, she's sharing her 'Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me';

So, I’m delighted to be here on Anne’s amazing blog – thank you for having me! Here’s ten things you may not know about me … enjoy! 

1) I am a cat person
Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you may know this already of course – I have LOTS of pics of my beautiful cats on there. What you may not know is I have FIVE and they all have really stupid names: Crampon-Fred, Richard/Ringo, Sissy, Ginger-Pete and Megatron. 

2) I have had many life-death experiences

I’m a cancer survivor and have battled with severe depression, anxiety, paranoia, suicidal thoughts and psychosis for twenty years. Despite these problems, I’m actually a very optimistic person and am VERY glad to still be here … Especially as I may never have got of childhood! When I was a kid, I was nearly killed in a grain silo. Don’t know what this is? Remember that old movie, WITNESS starring Harrison Ford, where the bad guys get killed when a load of grain gets dumped on them? Well that happened to me when some friends and I were larking about on an old farm. I honestly don’t know how I survived. Possibly because I was a child … I went home and had tea afterwards, like nothing had happened! I didn’t tell my parents for donkey’s years! 

3) I met my husband dressed as a giant bear

I was 14, he was 18. We worked together at a tourist attraction in Devon. I played ‘Bubbles the Bear’ and used to dance and hug kids; he worked on the Carousel and tube slide. He told me I was too young for him, but luckily he changed his mind eventually … I only had to wait eight years! 

4) I’m actually pretty quiet / chilled – really!
If you follow me online as Bang2write, you’ll know I am renowned for my ‘shouty writing tips’ and general irreverency and rowdiness. I will also rant about various things, too because it’s fun. But this means some people are quite surprised when they meet me that I’m NOT automatically like that! I like to chat and I am quite sociable, but you are just as likely to find me wandering about, taking it all in. 

5) I am a homebody

Travel is fun and I love seeing new places but in all honesty, I love being at home the most. Which is just as well since I am self-employed and I’m there so much, but you know what I mean. 

6) I am one of five kids

I have three sisters and a brother. It was like the Waltons in my house, super-powered to the max. I was the eldest and the bossiest. Can you tell? 

7) Pink is my favourite colour
When I am at events like London Screenwriters Festival, people sometimes come over and say, ‘Why are you wearing pink? I thought you were a feminist!’ Erm, seriously? Since when is the colour of my shirt going to stop me smashing the patriarchy? Besides, it’s my fave colour and I look awesome in it! 

8) ALL chocolate is my favourite

I just love chocolate. If it was banned, I would probably have a whole speakeasy thing going on, so I could eat it with my friends under the legal radar. In fact, I’d be the Al Capone of the chocolate world. I’d be prepared to go to jail for it. Yes, it is like drugs to me. 

9) I once drank a huge swig of black fountain pen ink for a bet

When I was eight, someone bet me I couldn’t drink fountain pen ink. Well I did and I won a quid. In your face! 

10) I was a teen mum!
I had my son, Alf, when I was a teenager, which is what inspired me to write PROOF POSITIVE. I got sick of seeing stereotypical portrayals of us in books, movies and TV. I especially hate hearing about how pregnant teens and young parents have ‘ruined their lives’ – this has NEVER been my experience, nor any of my friends’ who had kids young. Lots of REAL things have made it into PROOF POSITIVE, but it’s not an autobiography and those experiences aren’t all mine … See if you can spot the real ones!
Please do follow the rest of the Blog Tour, there are some amazing bloggers to check out;

Lucy V. Hay is a novelist, script editor and blogger who helps writers via her Bang2write consultancy. 
Lucy is the producer of two Brit Thrillers, DEVIATION (2012) and ASSASSIN (2015), as well as the script editor and advisor on numerous other features and shorts. 
Lucy's also the author of WRITING AND SELLING THRILLER SCREENPLAYS for Kamera Books' "Creative Essentials" range, as well as its follow ups on DRAMA SCREENPLAYS and DIVERSE CHARACTERS. 

Her debut crime novel, THE OTHER TWIN, is now out with Orenda Books and has been featured in The Sun and Sunday Express Newspapers, plus Heatworld and Closer Magazine. Check out all her books, HERE.

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