Sunday 17 February 2019

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The Migraine Relief Plan: An 8-Week Transition to Better Eating, Fewer Headaches, and Optimal Health 
In The Migraine Relief Plan, certified health and wellness coach Stephanie Weaver outlines a new, step-by-step lifestyle approach to reducing migraine frequency and severity. Using the latest research, her own migraine diagnosis, and extensive testing, Weaver has designed an accessible plan to help those living with migraine, headaches, or Meniere’s disease. Over the course of eight weeks, the plan gradually transitions readers into a healthier lifestyle, including key behaviors such as regular sleep, trigger-free eating, gentle exercise, and relaxation techniques. The book also collects resources—shopping lists, meal plans, symptom tracking charts, and kitchen-tested recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner—to provide readers with the tools they need to be successful. The Migraine Relief Plan encourages readers to eat within the guidelines while still helping them follow personal dietary choices, like vegan or Paleo, and navigate challenges, such as parties, work, and travel. A must-have resource for anyone who lives with head pain, this book will inspire you to rethink your attitude toward health and wellness.

The Migraine Relief Plan : An 8-Week Transition to Better Eating, Fewer Headaches, and Optimal Health by Stephanie Weaver is published by Agate Publishing
My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review, and to Rachel from Rachel's Random Resources who invited me to take part in this Blog Blitz

I have suffered with migraine since I was a small child. I remember missing birthday parties when I was in primary school because of them and I always had a bottle of orange aspirin in my school bag.
The only cure for me was to lay in a darkened room, and I always felt better if I could vomit (too much information?)
Around twenty years ago my GP prescribed a drug called Clonidine as a preventative medication. Every migraine painkiller that I've used in the past has been useless as you have to take them when the migraine starts and once it starts, nothing shifts it.
Clonidine is used by people with angina and works on the blood vessels, I take two per day and - touch wood - my migraines have almost disappeared.  I used to have two per week, now it's more like two per year.
However, I do know that certain foods trigger the migraine, or make them worse and I'm always interested to read about how other people have dealt with medical issues that I've experienced.

Stephanie Weaver has produced a concise and well written guide to how to eat better and lessen the pain. Her introduction is interesting and informs the reader of how and why she wrote the plan. 

Whilst I'm not following the complete plan, as I'm lucky enough to have found a treatment that works for me, I've studied the food lists and the recipes and my copy of the book is now full of post-it notes, marking the recipes that I intend to try.

This is a sensible, no-fad way to deal with the utter agony that is migraine. I'm sure that it will take some getting used to; as this could be a whole lifestyle change for some people. However, to be pain-free at the end of it surely must be a bonus.

This book has taken a place alongside my other well-used and trusty food books.

Stephanie Weaver, MPH, CWHC, is an author, blogger, and certified wellness and health coach. 

Her recipes have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Parade, and more. 

She lives in San Diego, CA.

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