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Bad Seed by Jessica Eames @JessicaEames2 @TrapezeBooks #BadSeed @KatieVEBrown #BookReview

Nicola is going to die. Just like her husband did.
Nicola thought she'd gotten away with it.
Since her husband died, life has been getting back on track. She has a new boyfriend, Phil. A new home, living next door to her brother-in-law, his wife and their children. She is closer than ever with her daughter, Sarah. She even likes her job at the local shop, though she's had some time off recently with illness. The doctor says its menopause, that it's nothing to worry about. As if he could know how she's feeling.
Nicola is finally moving on with her life.
But then she receives the note. Someone knows what she did. They know the secret she doesn't even think about when she is alone.
And they want revenge.
A gripping domestic thriller told from the points of view of three women from the same family, each with their own heart-wrenching revelation.

Bad Seed by Jessica Eames was published in paperback by Trapeze Books on 31 October 2019. My thanks to the author and publisher who sent my copy for review.

I raced through Bad Seed; from the opening paragraph, I was intrigued by the story. It's a fast-moving tale of families and how things often aren't quite as they seem.

This is a debut novel, but it's clear from the writing that the author has lots of experience in the writing world. She knows how to build up her plot and create characters who are often not likeable, but are always intriguing.

Nicola was recently widowed. After her husband's death she was left in financial dire straits and is now living in a small annexe in her brother-in-law's garden. Nicola has a secret, that much is apparent, but the reader isn't quite sure what's been happening. The story continues in the same vein. As Nicola starts to feel ill, and despite reassurances from her GP that it's symptoms of the menopause; the reader is still not quite so sure.

I do love a cast of unreliable characters; those people who feel fake, who you just know have far more beneath the surface, but you just can't figure out quite what. This clever author treats us to three of these characters; with the voices of Nicola, her daughter Sarah and her sister-in-law Fiona all vying for the top spot.

I don't want to give away the plot line, but it's safe to say that there's murder, vengeance and a whole host of twisty surprises along the way. On reflection, the author does drip feed some answers to the reader, however, I didn't take the bait at all and was constantly kept on my toes, and constantly taken by surprise.

A great hook, fast paced and totally engrossing. This is a fabulous debut from an author who is certainly one to watch in the future.

Jessica Eames is the psuedonym of a UK publishing industry insider, based in London.

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