Friday 31 January 2020

Till Morning Is Nigh by Rob Parker @robparkerauthor BLOG TOUR @Endeavour_Media #BrackenIsBack

Dragged half dead from a river, Ben Bracken, fugitive ex-soldier, is in a bad way.

But, too valuable to discard and too dangerous to set free, an old friend offers him a choice: abandon his identity and become a desk-bound advisor to the National Crime Agency, or go back to the prison he broke out of – a place where he is extremely unpopular.

Bracken is forced to accept – and he’s becoming a different man.

But all this changes when, days before Christmas, an undercover narcotics officer is murdered in horrific circumstances, and only Bracken has the inside track on the key suspect. Throwing himself into the fray, Bracken finds himself in a very present-day ideological conflict, uncovering a plot which has huge implications for both Manchester’s political, socio-economic landscape, and the nation at large – coming to an explosive conclusion amidst the twinkling fairy lights and frost-tipped boughs of Christmas Eve...

Till Morning Is Nigh by Rob Parker is published by Endeavour Media. My thanks to the author, and the publisher who sent my copy for review, and invited me to take part on this Blog Tour

I'm a fairly new covert to Rob Parker's Ben Bracken series, and I reviewed the previous one in the series; The Penny Black back in September last year.

Once again, I've been totally blown away by this author's wonderful way with words; there's a brutal beauty in some of his descriptions of people, and place that add so much to the enjoyment of reading.

Ben Bracken has moved on, quite a long way to be honest. He's settled in Manchester and is now a father. He's also using an assumed name and has been contracted to advise the National Crime Agency. This is a different side to Bracken and it was interesting to get more of an insight into his character.
However, whilst Bracken may have changed his life; the world is still turning. Still crime, still hate and still people to put away.

I don't like to get all political, but I think it's ironic that I'm reviewing this one on 31 January 2020 - the day the UK leave the European Union. Things have changed since the results of referendum back in 2016, I've seen things and read things written by people that have totally opened my eyes. Maybe I was blind back then, but the level of hate within communities has certainly ratcheted up, in my view, and Rob Parker has captured these tensions and changes so very well within his story.
Back to the book .... and, the reason I mentioned Brexit.  Bracken finds himself caught up in a grimy, murky underworld that revolves around hate. Ex military guys; extreme right wing and shocked that 'their country' has changed so much. They are hell bent on changing it back, and nothing will stand in their way.

Once again, this clever author has written a no-holds-barred, punchy, gritty crime novel. He's incorporated some really important messages here; especially about community, and how extreme beliefs can cause terror and mayhem.

Action-packed, wonderfully written with a lead character who gets under the skin! 

Robert Parker is a married father of three, who lives in a village near Manchester, UK. The author of the Ben Bracken books A Wanted Man and Morte Point, and the standalone post-Brexit country-noir Crook’s Hollow, he enjoys a rural life on an old pig farm (now minus pigs), writing horrible things between school runs.

He writes full time, as well as organising and attending various author events across the UK - while boxing regularly for charity. Passionate about inspiring a love of the written word in young people, he spends a lot of time in schools across the North West, encouraging literacy, story-telling, creative-writing and how good old fashioned hard work tends to help good things happen.

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Twitter : @robparkerauthor

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