Monday 10 February 2020

My Constant Lady by Jane Fenwick BLOG TOUR @jane_fenwick60 #RandomThingsTours #TenThingsAboutMe #MyConstantLady

When Gabriel Reynolds meets flame haired serving wench Eleanor Barker in a Whitby tavern little does he know it is a meeting that will change the course of his life.  First she runs out on  him leaving him frustrated in more ways than one.  The next time they meet, in more conventional circumstances, he finds she is engaged to be married.  Undeterred and back in his home town of Alnmouth, Gabriel knows he has to win the love of this beguiling woman and so sets about putting his house in order.  But before he can declare himself fate deals Gabriel a cruel blow. Back in Whitby, Eleanor who is in fact the daughter of a prominent local ship builder, has troubles of her own.  Learning her fiance has been untrue she ends her engagement. In revenge her spurned lover tells her about Gabriel's past - a past she finds difficult to accept. Forced to choose between love and loss Eleanor flees to Amsterdam searching for answers. Will Eleanor's principles jeapordise her chance of happiness or can Gabriel convince her that he is not the man he used to be? Will the course of their love ever be plain sailing?
My Constant Lady - a sweeping family drama set on the North East coast of Georgian England. A heart-warming emotional and captivating romantic story. A seafaring saga incorporating a compelling court room drama resulting in the triumph of good over evil. A historically accurate tale with an independent and determined leading lady, a handsome hero and strong supporting cast. This historical romantic adventure incorporates shipwrecks, smuggling and piracy and is the first in a saga series of three books.

My Constant Lady by Jane Fenwick was published in paperback on 3 February 2020.

As part of the #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour, I'm delighted to welcome the author today, she's telling us 'Ten Things About Me'.

Ten Things About Me - Jane Fenwick

 I never leave the house without lipstick

 I love singing and dancing. I used to sing and dance in an amateur light operatic society. 
 I get inspiration for my writing by being on the North East coast. I go there as often as I can with my research assistant Scout, a Patterdale Terrier.

 I've recently had an exhibition of photographs. The photos were of the tree on our village green, one for every month of the year. I love trees.

Twins run in my family and they feature in all my books. 

 I've traced my family tree back to 1805. One of my family was hanged for murder after killing a man for his watch!

 Before becoming a writer I used to be a primary school teacher and I am also a yoga teacher.

 My reading tastes are varied but historical crime and historical romance top the list. Winston Graham is my favourite author.

 Chocolate fuels my writing. Without chocolate i'd never get anything done.

 My ambition is to be someone's favourite writer. Dream big!

Jane Fenwick lives in the market town of Settle in Yorkshire, England. She studied education at Sheffield University gaining a B.Ed (Hons) in 1989 and going on to teach primary age range children. Jane decided to try her hand at penning a novel rather than writing school reports as she has always been an avid reader, especially enjoying historical and crime fiction. She decided to combine her love of both genres to write her first historical crime novel Never the Twain.
Jane has always been a lover of antiques, particularly art nouveau and art deco ceramics and turned this hobby into a business opening an antiques and collectables shop in Settle. However her time as a dealer was short lived; she spent far too much time in the sale rooms buying items that ended up in her home rather than the shop!
Animal welfare is a cause close to Jane’s heart and she has been vegetarian since the age of fourteen. For the last twenty years she has been trustee of an animal charity which rescues and rehomes cats, dogs and all manner of creatures looking for a forever home. Of course several of these have been “adopted” by Jane!
Jane has always loved the sea and although she lives in the Yorkshire Dales she is particularly drawn to the North East coast of Yorkshire and Northumberland. This coastline is where she gets her inspiration for the historical crime and romance novels she writes and, as she has always loved history, she finds the research particularly satisfying.When she isn’t walking on Sandsend beach with her dog Scout, a Patterdale “Terrorist”,  she is to be found in her favourite coffee shop gazing out to sea and dreaming up her next plot. Jane is currently writing a historical saga series again set on the North East coast beginning in 1765.

Twitter : @jane_fenwick60

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