Saturday 11 April 2020

Curse The Day by Judith O'Reilly BLOG TOUR @judithoreilly @HoZ_Books #CurseTheDay

A murdered scientist.
An AI breakthrough that could change the world.
A conspiracy at the heart of the British elite.
At a global tech gala hosted at the British Museum, scientist Tobias Hawke is due to unveil an astonishing breakthrough. His AI system appears to have reached consciousness, making Hawke the leading light in his field.
But when terrorists storm the building, they don't just leave chaos in their wake. They seize Hawke's masterwork, sparking a chain reaction of explosive events which could end the world as we know it.
Michael North, ex-assassin and spy-for-hire, must find the killers and recover the AI. But he can't do it alone. Hawke's wife, Esme, and teenage hacker, Fangfang, have their own reasons to help complete North's mission – and together they unravel a dark and deadly conspiracy which stretches right to the top of the British elite.
Can North survive long enough to uncover the whole truth? Or is it already too late for humanity?

Curse The Day by Judith O'Reilly was published on 2 April 2020 by Head of Zeus. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review, and invited me to take part on this Blog Tour.

Curse The Day is the second book by Judith O'Reilly to feature Michael North; a fearless ex-assassin with a bullet lodged in his brain. North knows that the bullet could kill him at any time and makes makes him more ruthless, more unforgiving and more determined to ensure that everything he sees wrong in the world is put right ..... or as right as he can make it, in his own unique way.

Opening with a prologue that pulls absolutely no punches at all, and sets the reader up for what is going to be a fast-paced and at times, very violent ride, this book kept me glued to the pages throughout.

O'Reilly has created a bunch of characters here who nobody would want as enemies; they are incredibly flawed, yet vulnerable at times, meaning that instead of stereotypical, macho, all muscle fighters, we get to know some complex and intricately created lead players who, despite some of their actions, the reader backs all the way.

When Esme Hawke is almost murdered in her own apartment, the fall-out is huge. Her husband is the next victim; killed as he presents his amazing invention, Syd. Syd is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot which appears to have a conscious, and is certainly worth killing for. 
Michael North is currently hiding out abroad when he is summoned home by Fangfang, after an unwelcome visit from an old acquaintance. The partnership between North and Fang is something to behold, and then add Esme into the mix and it becomes pretty explosive.

Curse The Day is an action-thrilled conspiracy thriller which reminded me of a Hollywood blockbuster movie; with shades of Bond and Mission Impossible running through it. The author never lets up with the pace and the action and plotting are faultless throughout.

High energy, cleverly crafted with some amazing characterisation. Explosive, fun and perfect escapism.

Judith O'Reilly is the author of Wife in the North, a top-three Sunday Times bestseller and BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. 
It was based on Judith's eponymous blog which was named as one of the top 100 blogs in the world by the Sunday Times, and credited with kicking off the popularity of domestic blogging in the UK. 
Judith is a former political producer with BBC 2's Newsnight and ITN's Channel 4 News, and, when she isn't writing novels, she writes for the Sunday Times, has acted as a strategic communications adviser for both government and business.

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