Friday 1 May 2020

Little White Secrets by Carol Mason @CarolMasonBooks @rararesources #LittleWhiteSecrets #PublicationDayPush

A daughter pushing the limits. A marriage ready to crack. A secret that can break them.
For Emily Rossi, life may not be perfect, but it’s pretty close. She has a great career, a house in the country, a solid marriage to Eric and two wonderful children—tennis superstar Daniel and quiet, sensitive Zara. But when her fourteen-year-old daughter brings home a toxic new best friend, Emily’s seemingly perfect family starts to spiral out of control.
Suddenly Zara is staying out late, taking drugs and keeping bad company. And just when Emily needs Eric to be an involved father, he seems too wrapped up with his job in London to care. What’s more, he’s started drinking again.
When a dark secret from the past emerges, Emily’s life is turned upside down. Struggling to protect the people she loves, can she save her damaged family? Doing so may mean keeping a secret of her own…

Little White Secrets by Carol Mason is published today (1 May 2020) by Lake Union Publishing.

As part of the Publication Day Push organised by Rachel from Rachel's Random Resources I am delighted to share an extract from the book with you today.


Sometimes good people do bad things. Or they do one bad thing that will haunt them for the rest of their life. Eric has managed a secret for a very long time. Or so he thought. But now, it’s about to come out. Here, Emily is about to learn the ugly truth about her husband.

Eric is sobbing. It goes on and on. The force of his despair seems to have no beginning and no end.
‘Eric . . .’ I am powerless, locked out of my own ability to speak.
I listen to his sniffles. The eventual subsidence. ‘You don’t understand,’ he says, when he can speak again. His voice is so quiet, as thin as my hopes. ‘I was a good lad. A good lad . . . and I messed it all up.’
I don’t know why a memory comes to me now. The time I came home and he was talking very emotionally to someone in his study. I stood with my ear to the door. You’ve made a lot of mistakes, lad. Why did you have to mess it all up? Eh? Why? Why? He was in tears. I had no idea who he was talking to so I nudged the door, which was open a crack. There was no one there. He was holding an old photo of his eighteen-year-old self. A small, passport-sized one he used to carry around in his wallet. He was talking to the na├»ve, smiling person he used to be.
‘If I don’t understand then tell me,’ I say, pushing that memory away.

Little White Secrets
By Carol Mason
© Carol Mason 2020 

About Carol Mason 
Carol Mason is the Amazon Charts and Kindle #1 bestselling author of After You Left, The Secrets of Married Women, The Last Time We Met, The Shadow Between Us, and Send Me A Lover. She grew up in Sunderland but moved to Canada at the age of 21. She now lives in British Columbia with her husband, Tony, her three-legged cat and a rescue dog from Kuwait. When not working on a new novel, Carol enjoys reading other authors’ brilliant work, and cooking up a storm.
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