Thursday 18 June 2020

Season Of Second Chances by Aimee Alexander @aimeealexbooks BLOG TOUR #RandomThingsTours @RandomTTours #SeasonOfSecondChances

Grace Sullivan flees Dublin with her two teenage children, returning to the sleepy West Cork village where she grew up. No one in Killrowan knows what Grace is running from - or even that she's running. She'd like to keep it that way.

Taking over from her father, Des, as the village doctor offers a very real chance for Grace to begin again. But will she and the children adapt to life in a small rural community? Can she live up to the doctor that her father was? And will she find the inner strength to face the past when it comes calling?

Season of Second Chances is Grace's story. It's also the story of a community that chooses the title "Young Doctor Sullivan" for her before she even arrives. It's the story of Des who served the villagers all his life and now feels a failure for developing Parkinson's disease. And it's the story of struggling teens, an intimidating receptionist, a handsome American novelist escaping his past, and a dog called Benji who needs a fresh start of his own.

Season of Second Chances is a heart-warming story of friendship, love and finding the inner strength to face a future that may bring back the past.

Perfect for fans of Call The Midwife, Virgin River, Doc Martin, The Durrells and All Creatures Great and Small. The villagers of Killrowan will steal into your heart and make you want to stay with them forever.

Season Of Second Chances by Aimee Alexander was published in April this year. My thanks to the author who sent my copy for review. I'm delighted to share my thoughts today as part of the #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour

Season of Second Chances is an absolute delight to read. The novel could appear, at first glance to be just another story about a small Irish community, but it is far more than that. Whilst the author does create a wonderfully realistic small-town story, she also deals with some very dark and emotional issues. The reader is very quickly consumed by Grace's struggle to overcome her past, and create a new future for herself and her two children. 

Grace's father Des is about to retire. He's been the local GP for many years and is struggling to come to terms with his own diagnosis. For Grace, this is her opportunity to escape the abusive, controlling husband who has made her life hell for years. 

However, coming home is not always easy. People have long memories and some have never quite forgiven Grace for getting ideas above her station and moving away, and others would prefer not to be treated by a female doctor. For Jack and Holly; Grace's two children, this is like living in a different world. Used to the cosmopolitan city of Dublin, it's going to take time to adjust to this slower pace of life. However, both of them have their own problems, and this move to the country really could help them.

Aimee Alexander writes with flair and style. She delves deep into her characters and their issues are dealt with sensitively and with empathy. The small community is described wonderfully, with each character and situation coming alive on the pages. 

This is an immersive and compelling story, carefully woven with characters to cheer for.

Aimee Alexander is the pen name of best selling author Denise Deegan who writes contemporary family dramas about ordinary people who become extraordinary in crisis. Her novels have been published by Penguin, Random House and Hachette.

Aimee lives in Dublin with her family where she regularly dreams of sunshine, a life without cooking and her novels being made into movies. She has a Masters in Public Relations and has been a college lecturer, nurse, china restorer, pharmaceutical sales rep, public relations executive and entrepreneur.


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