Thursday 20 August 2020

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[1919] The body is still caught fast. He eases the linen collar back from the swollen neck, sees something and leans forward to peer closer. Initials, embroidered in black. L O. 
35 years earlier, in 1833, a family is in crisis. Patriarch, Thomas Owen, tenant of Cwmderwen farmstead is devastated by the accidental death of his eldest son. This sets in train a feud that threatens all the family holds dear, most especially their God-given right to tenancy of the family farmstead of Cwmderwen. As Thomas' religious fervour deepens into obsession, the lives of his children and grandchildren get harder still.
Leah loses her chance of a favourable marriage and younger son, Frank, his dream of an education and emigration to the new world. Frank turns drunkard and Leah devotes herself to ensuring that Tad's legacy is handed on to his grandson, John.
But this legacy is a tainted chalice and along with the land comes the covenant with God that turns John's head. Ultimately, John would do anything rather than lose Cwmderwen and Leah finds herself torn between her duty to others and her duty to herself.

The Covenant by Thorne Moore is published by Honno Press today, 20 August 2020.

As part of the #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour, I am delighted to offer one paperback copy to a lucky winner. Also part of the prize is a beautiful sampler-type postcard, especially created for the book.

Entry is simple, just fill out the competition widget at the end of this post.


Win a paperback copy of The Covenant along with a specially designed postcard

A copy of The Covenant by Thorne Moore and a special postcard

Thorne was born in Luton and graduated from Aberystwyth University (history) and from the Open University (Law). 
She set up a restaurant with her sister and made miniature furniture for collectors. 
She lives in Pembrokeshire, which forms a background for much of her writing, as does Luton. 

She writes psychological mysteries, or "domestic noir," exploring the reason for crimes and their consequences, rather than the details of the crimes themselves. and her first novel, "A Time For Silence," was published by Honno in 2012. "Motherlove" and "The Unravelling" followed, also published by Honno. "Shadows," published by Endeavour in 2017, is set in an old mansion in Pembrokeshire and is paired with "Long Shadows," also published by Endeavour in 2018, which explains the history and mysteries of the same old house. 

She's a member of Crime Cymru.
Twitter @ThorneMoore

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