Tuesday 22 September 2020

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Successful Texas lawyer, Reade Walker, curses that damn song every time it plays, all too aware of the irony of its lyrics. After all, he has been secretly and painfully enamored with Jesse’s girl, Gwen, for nearly a decade. It was love at first sight for him, but sadly she’s not his girl. She belongs to the one man who betrayed him and knows Reade’s hidden family secret. Yet Reade can’t seem to love anyone except the one woman he can't have. Or can he make her mine?

When Gwen Clark’s senator husband runs off with his intern and all their money, the ensuing scandal turns her life upside down. Deserted, penniless and desperate to provide for her six-year-old daughter, Gwen has no one to turn to but Reade Walker. The one man her heart desperately wants, but her pride dreads having to ask for help. Despite welcoming them into his home, it seems like Reade can barely stand being in the same room with her anymore, let alone under the same roof—in the same bedroom. But Gwen is determined to get her life back on track. It is past time to rediscover her own dreams…if only she can keep her aching heart from breaking all over again.

Jesse's Girl by Tara September was published in April 2019. As part of the #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour I am delighted to welcome the author here today with a fabulous guest post.

Do you have any regrets?

Several years ago, I was asked this question at a conference and I cockily answered, "No." I've always went out and got what I wanted... or at least tried to. And the setbacks I wouldn't change either as it made me who I am today. So, with a smug smile, I sat there for a few blissful minutes telling myself that I had no regrets and that this workshop didn’t apply to me.

But then....an inner voice inside me, kind of bitchy in tone, shouted "Liar! What about your book?" *pop* and just like that, my peaceful bubble burst.

Now let me confess my regret. I had started an untitled romance story back in high school. I would pick it up off and on over the years, but then I dropped it. I told myself it wasn't any good and that it was just too hard to complete. I’d say if only I’d wake up and everything inside my head could all be written out for me. Yup, lazy! I still wanted to write, but figured short form was probably better for me and that's why I went into journalism.

After the conference got my wheels turning. So, I put on my big girl pants and got to work. I spent three straight weeks into the wee hours of the night writing a new story, Jesse's Girl. Followed by two years of editing it and submitting my manuscript to contests and getting feedback both good and bad. I then hired two editors and relied heavily on a friend to comb through it all. I've learned that writing is the easy part, crafting it and ripping it apart is the hard part.

Eventually, I received an offer from a publisher, but I turned it down. They wanted my heroine Gwen to be pining for her Ex. The same guy who stole their money, cheated on her and didn’t love her. I already thought Gwen was weak, but made sure she grew stronger throughout the story, but this really would have made me hate her, lol. So, I turned it down. Oh, and they also wanted me to make it a medical story since doctors were more popular at the time. So, I self-published and no regrets baby. I just hope you like it :)

TARA SEPTEMBER - September 2020 

About Tara September
Blogger and former PR executive for The Walt Disney Company, Tara holds a Master’s degree in journalism & communications from New York University. She also spent a semester abroad during her undergrad at Queen Mary University in London. For over a decade before publishing, Tara has penned a popular lifestyle, travel and parenting blog at TaraMetBlog.com

Always an avid romance reader, she has been daydreaming about being an author since school. Dozens of bad dates, four cities and adventures later, she still finds it impossible that she met her husband on a New York City subway. They now live in sunny Florida with identical twin boys and four cats underfoot/on her laptop/everywhere. Fueled by an IV of green tea and sometimes Champagne, she's finally writing the happily ever after tales she's been dreaming about.

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