Tuesday 27 October 2020

The Death of a Sentence by Richard Doyle BLOG TOUR #TheDeathOfASentence #RichardDoyle @RandomTTours


The death of the sentence is the debut role of the writer; the plight of the poetry pamphlet; an inventive homage; science in the novel; science fiction in the real world; prose spaceship and singular music; both fun-

Simple in style yet steeped in emotion, I recommend The death of the sentence for poetry newbs and aficionados alike - Dystopic.co.uk

The Death of the Sentence by Richard Doyle was published on 10 July 2020. As part of this #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour, I am delighted to welcome the author here today. He's telling us Ten Things About Me.

Ten Things About Me - Richard Doyle

My mother is Spanish, from a village near La Coruna in Galicia. I also read and speak Spanish. My favourite poets in Spanish are Jose Luis Borges and Pablo Neruda.

When I was 15, I spent 6 months in Long Island, New York attending senior high school. 

Nettle Soup was the title of the book I collaborated on in 2006. This was the culmination of a year's work with fellow UEA students.

My favourite musical artist is Seckou Keita, a Senegalese musician who plays the kora, a truly majestic instrument.  I saw him perform live at the launch of Spell Songs at the Aldeburgh Theatre in 2019.

My favourite UK festival experience was Latitude in 2017, where my wife and I saw Fleet Foxes perform an amazing set. This was preceded by a fascinating talk in the Poetry Tent from Simon Armitage (before he became Poet Laureate). I still have my signed copy of Seeing Stars!

I almost became a primary school teacher in 2010. This involved spending a month in Zamora, Spain teaching at a Spanish primary school.

I took part in a sponsored tandem skydive in 2011. This was from a small airfield near Norwich on a beautiful sunny day with hardly a cloud in sight. It was something I had dreamt about for years, and it was as thrilling as I expected it to be!

I was an actor and director in an amateur drama group for over 15 years. Highlights include: performing and co-directing Arcadia by Tom Stoppard; directing Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco; acting in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

I love reading spy thrillers. My favourite authors in the genre are: John Le Carre (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Robert Ludlum (The Bourne Identity), Len Deighton (Berlin Game), and Mick Herron (Slow Horses).

My top 10 SF novels are:  Protector (Larry Niven); The Naked Sun (Isaac Asimov); Childhood’s End (Arthur C. Clarke); The Demolished Man (Alfred Bester); Non-Stop (Brian Aldiss); Babel-17 (Samuel R. Delany); Martian Time-Slip (Philip K. Dick); The Man In The High Castle (Philip K. Dick); Camp Concentration (Thomas M. Disch); Gateway (Frederick Pohl)

Richard Doyle is an old-school SF fan who began writing seriously in 2001. 
He has a Diploma in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and collaborated on a book in 2006. 

He has had poems published in the UK poetry magazines Orbis and Sarasvati and is a regular member of the Bristol Stanza Poetry Group. 

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