Friday 13 November 2020

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Claudia Winkleman’s warmth, humour, no-holds-barred attitude and smoky eye have made her the favourite broadcaster of millions and a much-loved household name.

In this, her first ever book, Claudia invites us all into her world. She shares her observations on topics such as the importance of melted cheese, why black coats are vital, how it’s never okay to have sex with someone who has an opinion on your date outfit, how nurses are our most precious national treasure, and why colourful clothing is only for the under 10s (if you’re reading this sporting a bright red jumper and you’re 9, great! If you’re older, sorry).

This is a love letter to life – the real, sometimes messy kind. Quite celebrates friendship, the power of art, the highs and lows of parenting, and of course, how a good eyeliner can really save your life.

Heartfelt, wry and unmistakably Claudia, this book gets to the heart of what really matters.

Quite by Claudia Winkleman was published in hardback by HQ on 1 October 2020. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review, and kindly included a miniature bottle of Baileys and a black eyeliner too! 

Reading this book is like sitting down with a good friend and having one of those amazing conversations that we all have. You know the type; it begins with a chat about the book you are currently reading and ends up, a few hours later, with you debating whether red jelly babies are better than yellow (red, by the way, there's no doubt).

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Claudia Winkleman, I actually met her briefly years ago. OK, so all she said to me was 'is that your drink?', but I dined out on that for years! 

Claudia and I come from different worlds. I live in the middle of the country in a county that most people don't think about, surrounded by fields and small, run-down market towns. I don't have kids and, sorry Claudia, I don't like Christmas.  However, there are so many things that both Claudia and I couldn't live without. I am sure that we could be friends, although I'll miss the tinsel, thanks.


YES! The three things that most people who know me will mention if they have to say anything. I have had a fringe for as long as I've had hair that's long enough to cut.  A long, dark, straight fringe. I cannot bear my forehead, or my eyebrows. I ADORE my fringe. I will never ever not have a fringe.

Boots. During summer I live in Converse, but every now and again, I will pull on a pair of ankle boots with a summer dress or skirt.  However, as soon as September arrives, the boots are out. Every. Single.Day.

Ankle boots for me please. I'm a short-arse and long boots make me look like a farmer. Mainly black boots, but there are silver, and sky-blue velvet, and a couple of animal print in there too. Boots with everything, everywhere. Thank you

Eyeliner. Black. I've worn black eyeliner since I was thirteen. I'm now 54, that's a long time but I feel totally naked without it. I've even bought the exact liner that Claudia recommended in a YouTube video. I just wish it stayed on for longer!

In Quite, Claudia Winkleman discusses many things. From friendships and being a parent, to packing for holidays and squirrels. Yes, squirrels, you did read that correctly.

This is a fun, feel-good book and whilst it is full of humour, there's also some pretty damn good advice in there. I especially love the chapter about holidays, and packing. Nodded my head many times whilst reading that one. 

Claudia's thoughts about the NHS are especially heart-warming, and poignant, especially when the reader is aware of what's happened within her family. It's a heart-felt tribute to the amazing staff and service that we should never, ever take for granted, especially at the moment. 

I loved this book. It made me love Claudia even more. I love the fact that she is humble about her success, that she admits to the overly-done fake tan. I adore the fact that she's chaotic and would rather eat crisps than cous-cous. 

This book will be taking a place on my 'special' book shelf. The shelf that contains books that make me smile and that I go to when I need a pick-me-up. 

Claudia Winkleman is one of the best known broadcasters in the UK, she won the RTS Award for
Best Presenter in 2015, the WFTV award for Best Presenter in 2019 and has been BAFTA-nominated. Claudia currently co-hosts Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1) alongside Tess Daly and also has a Sunday night show on BBC Radio 2. Claudia also fronts the BBC1 cookery competition series Britain’s Best Home Cook alongside Mary Berry, which first aired in 2018 and will return to television screens again next year. She also regularly appears as a guest on panel shows including QI, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Big Fat Quiz of the Year and Would I Lie To You.

Claudia has previously presented four series of The Great British Sewing Bee and was the host of BBC Film. Claudia is also a trustee of Comic Relief and has fronted the live television shows for both Red Nose Day and Sport Relief, along with spin-off shows including Let’s Dance for Comic Relief/ Sport Relief and the Comic Relief Danceathon.

As part of the Strictly family, Claudia first presented Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two before joining Tess Daly on the main show in 2014. The following year she also hosted The People’s Strictly.

Claudia graduated from Cambridge University with an MA Honours in History of Art. She lives in London with her husband and three children.

Twitter @ClaudiaWinkle

Instagram @claudiawinkle

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