Friday 12 February 2021

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A shamed pop star
A devastating fire
Six witnesses
Six stories
Which one is true?

When pop megastar Zach Crystal dies in a fire at his remote mansion, his mysterious demise rips open the bitter divide between those who adored his music and his endless charity work, and those who viewed him as a despicable predator, who manipulated and abused young and vulnerable girls.

Online journalist, Scott King, whose Six Stories podcasts have become an internet sensation, investigates the accusations of sexual abuse and murder that were levelled at Crystal before he died. But as Scott begins to ask questions and rake over old graves, some startling inconsistencies emerge: Was the fire at Crystal's remote home really an accident? Are reports of a haunting really true? Why was he never officially charged?

Dark, chillingly topical and deeply thought-provoking, Deity is both an explosive thriller and a startling look at how heroes can fall from grace and why we turn a blind eye to even the most heinous of crimes...

Deity by Matt Wesolowski is published by Orenda Books in paperback on 18 February 2021.

I'm delighted to host this guest review from #TheBloke (aka Martin Cater) as part of the Blog Tour today. Our thanks to the publisher who sent the copy for review.

A shamed pop star

A devastating Fire

Six witnesses

Six Stories………….. and now mine!


It is by now, no secret that I am something of a fan of Matt Wesolowski. I am not a voracious reader, but the ‘six-stories’ format has been something that has captivated me immediately. I started with the second novel ‘Hydra’ – more on this later, but since then have looked forward to, and devoured each one.

In these times of modern media, I am willing to bet there has been at least someone everyone can name, who rumour or allegations have surfaced about, and it has completely changed their perspective of that person – be it true or not.


Deity, the fifth in the series once again had me hooked right from the very opening pages. The ‘stories’ this time around, concentrate on the enigmatic ‘Zach Crystal’, a pop megastar who is mysteriously killed in a fire at his mansion ‘Crystal Woods’, situated in another one of those famed Wesolowski spooky forests! For me the description conjured up the image of a creepy ‘Neverland’  - designed by someone who didn’t get the chance to have a ‘normal’ childhood. Crystal himself conjures images of a certain other ‘enigma’. Accusations of sexual abuse and murder plagued Crystal before he died.

Our six accounts come from polarising sources as we try to uncover the ‘truth’ behind the mask. The author deals with catfishing, fan obsession, family and sibling rifts, and a healthy dose of folklore and creepiness in the form of the ‘Frithgast’. There is also the very clever re-acquaintance with a key character from a previous instalment; ‘Hydra’ – not that this requires you to have read the previous books, but if you haven’t ‘do it – do it now!’....


It’s another captivating, intriguing tale with an insidiously chilling twist. Very thought provoking and completely relevant in a world where ‘celebrities’ are under such scrutiny and everyone is so quick to have an opinion on their every move.


It’s interesting that Matt references a quote from a certain Brian Hugh Warner – AKA Marilyn Manson, in the opening pages. Another polarising enigma of music culture currently under investigation.


This has been our third and I have been Martin Cater….. Until next time!

Matt Wesolowski is an author from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the UK. He is an English tutor for
young people in care.

'Six Stories' was published by Orenda Books in the spring of 2016 with follow-up 'Hydra' published in the winter of 2017, 'Changeling' in 2018, 'Beast' in 2019 and 'Deity' in 2020.

'Six Stories' has been optioned by a major Hollywood studio and the third book in the series, 'Changeling' was longlisted for the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, 2019 Amazon Publishing Readers' Award for Best Thriller and Best Independent Voice.
'Beast' won the Amazon publishing award for Best Independent voice in 2020.

Twitter @ConcreteKraken

Instagram @mattjwesolowski

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You are invited to the online launch party for Deity

Matt will be speaking to author Catriona Ward, the event is hosted by Jacky Collins

Tuesday 9 March at 7pm 

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