Friday 2 September 2022

Love, Betty by Laura Kemp #BookReview @Laurajanekemp @orionbooks #LoveBetty #RespectRomFic


On the day that Betty meets Guy, her life is changed forever. She never thought she'd see him again, but a few months later, realizes she has something of his that needs returning...

So, she writes him a letter. It's the perfect solution for Betty - it means she doesn't need to tell Guy about what really happened that day, and the secret she's been hiding.

For Guy, Betty's letter arrives at his repair shop at the perfect time. His whole world has come crashing down around him and for the first time in a long time, he starts to feel hopeful.

But can you really begin to fall in love with someone you've only met once...?

Love, Betty by Laura Kemp was published by Orion on 9 June 2022. My thanks to the author and publisher who sent my copy for review. 

So, can you really begin to fall in love with someone you've only met once?  My answer is a big huge YES!  You certainly can, I did and I'm still in love with him, thirty years later. So that's out of the way and now to this wonderful book. 

I am a massive fan of Laura Kemp, I adore her writing and her Welsh settings and her funny, quirky characters and I have to say that I think Love, Betty is her best book to date, and that's saying a lot because I have adored them all. 

Reading Love, Betty is like eating a bar of your most favourite chocolate, in your most favourite place, sitting next to your most favourite person. It's like the best hug you could ever imagine. I read it whilst on holiday and it was the perfect read for relaxing by the pool, especially as I was wearing sunglasses, so could hide those tears that escaped every now and again. 

Betty and Guy met purely by accident, briefly exchanged a few words, a gin and tonic and a hankie. They went their separate ways, impressed by each other, but both with busy lives to lead. That day changed Betty's life forever, and it wasn't because of Guy. Months later, after leaving London and moving back to Wales to live with her Mum, Betty is contemplating life. She's a bit battered, very fragile and really not sure what will come next. She discovers the hankie that Guy lent to her on that day and decides to return it. Tracking down his address, she pens a note to him. 

Guy is also thinking about his future. His life has also changed dramatically and he's feeling betrayed and hurt, with only his Nan who seems to care. Guy responds to Betty's letter, and despite both of them being quite economical with the truth, their correspondence continues. Their letters are witty and fun and soon both of them begin to realise that they have feelings for one another. 

That's the beginning of a love story that will pull every single string of even the hardest of hearts. It is a story that will make the reader smile, laugh and yes, probably cry in places. As Betty and Guy's relationship grows, then falters a little, readers cannot help but cheer them at every stage. 

Laura Kemp is one of the finest authors of romantic fiction we have, her characters are beautifully created and her plot lines are always a joy to discover. I truly loved every page of this book and highly recommend it. 

Laura Kemp writes tender but hilarious romantic comedies.

A former journalist, she lives near Cardiff and is ably assisted by her secretary, Ollie the family dog, who, to be honest, isn't the brightest. But we love him anyway.

Follow all her book news on Twitter @Laurajanekemp

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