Monday 9 October 2023

You're Here For A Reason by Rebecca Kirk BLOG TOUR #YoureHereForAReason @RandomTTours #BookExtract


Imagine if you could finally answer this age-old, universal question and start living your purpose.

 Spiritual career coach Rebecca Kirk offers some life-changing solutions – helping us dive deep to find the clarity and confidence to re-align our working lives and feel more truly fulfilled. 

Whether you're considering a career change or seeking greater fulfilment in your existing role, you will find indispensable guidance to invest in yourself and discover your own unique path to purpose, peace and prosperity. 

It's time to stop holding yourself back and start listening to the inner voice that's been telling you there's something else you're meant to be doing. 

It's time to awaken.

You're Here For A Reason by Rebecca Kirk is published in October 2023. As part of this #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour I am delighted to share an extract from the book with you today. 

Extract from YOU'RE HERE FOR A REASON by Rebecca Kirk

I believe that we are all here for a reason, whether or not we know what that is or are living it out yet. Having a reason for being is one of the most profound needs we have as humans.

The quest for meaning and purpose has always been part of our evolutionary journey. And the events surrounding the pandemic, in 2020 and 2021, have only served to exacerbate this need for many. As a spiritual career coach, I have witnessed more and more people lose connection with their work and their true identity and question the very core of their existence.

The planet is undergoing a major shift, a shake up of sorts. Many of us are being forced to re-evaluate what is truly important to us. If we can take anything from these past few years, it is to recognise the power that a challenge can have to act as a catalyst. A catalyst which can wake us up from our slumber and stop us from staying stuck in a situation which no longer serves us. You might have witnessed this through a friend or colleague who was made redundant from a job they hated but were too afraid to resign from and then it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to them.

This shift has led me to create a quantum leap in my coaching business. I could no longer coach people in their career without bringing spirituality into the mix. I see the two as intrinsically linked and mutually supportive. The challenges you face in your career can force you to open up to your spirituality. To look for new support tools and a deeper connection to help anchor yourself through the choppy waters. And similarly, your spirituality can support you through your career challenge.

Rebecca Kirk is a spiritual career coach, guiding people who are at a crossroads in their career, or those who feel unfulfilled in their jobs, towards a deeper understanding of their purpose. 

She previously worked in corporate retail, but found there was a deeper pull in her life for something less commercial and more meaningful, and in 2016 she retrained to be a life coach.

Having noticed during the pandemic that people had started to search for more purpose in their lives, she relaunched her business, focusing on spiritual career coaching. 

She uses her own experience of changing careers and spiritual journey to help people who feel stuck find the courage and conviction they need to make more favourable choices, rather than repeating the same patterns.

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