Wednesday 23 March 2011

Who Ate All The Pies?

A strange parcel arrived the other morning.  A knock at the door at 7.30am and there was a UPS delivery man with a huge box - I was just a little excited!  Inside?  A Breville Pie Maker!!
I entered a competition ages ago and had forgotten all about it, so now, what to do with it?
Pies?   I quite like them - Mum's apple pie - my own meat and potato pie - but we don't eat them very often.    So shall I start making pies, or shall I give it away?  We could have pie every day, I could be quite imaginative in the fillings - or, I could donate it to a charity for a raffle prize!


  1. Keep it and make lots of pies for charity bake sales or for the events we see you frequently doing the food for. Then it will keep giving over and over. Xx

  2. LOL you do get soem random things don't you. I'm not sure what's wrong with pie dishes in the oven though - they'll make gadgets for anyting these days.