Monday, 7 May 2012

May Day Bank Holiday

So, it's been the May Day Bank Holiday weekend, and really the sun should have been shining, we should have been sitting outside and enjoying walks in the fresh air.  But no, it's been cold and breezy here in Gainsborough all weekend, although the rain did keep away yesterday and at times the sun tried to break through.

We ordered new windows last week and the first two were fitted on Friday, so of course we then thought we'd better redecorate the living room.   Neither Martin or myself are great fans of decorating, oh it's lovely when it's all finished, but the hassle and the mess that leads up to the finished product drives me a bit wild.

Kimono Truffle Wallpaper - Laura Ashley
My lovely Dad has agreed to put up our new wallpaper when we are in Corfu in a couple of weeks, so we thought we'd strip the walls and paint the ceiling this weekend.  We only have wallpaper on one wall, so we've re-painted the other walls too, all Dad will have to do is wallpaper one wall.
We got some lovely, quite neutral wallpaper from Laura Ashley - they had 30% off everything this weekend, and we only need 3 rolls.  This is the pattern (picture on the right).  It's Kimono Truffle Floral - the walls will be painted linen.     I'll be glad when it's all finished - I hate upheaval.

The wonderful Reeds Coffee Shop, Gainsborough
We gave ourselves a bit of a break this afternoon and went to Reeds Coffee Shop here in Gainsborough for a late lunch.   We've become regulars at this wonderful little place down by the Riverside.  Always great food, excellent service and a warm welcome.   Today I had a chicken and cheese panini and portion of their fabulous fries - they serve their sandwiches with salad and delicious home-made coleslaw.  It was good to get out of the dusty, paint-smelling house for an hour or so.  It would have been even better if the sun was shining and we could have sat outside!

I hope everyone has had a great bank holiday, despite the weather!


  1. Hi Anne,

    Hubbie and I live down in Somerset, although we travelled up to Llandudno, North Wales, for the start of the Bank Holiday.

    Saturday and Sunday were absolutely glorious and whilst not exactly sunbathing warmth, was good enough to be wandering along the seafront without coats and enjoying a BBQ on Saturday evening.

    Neither of us can stand decorating and are just grateful that as neither of us smoke and we have no animals or children, then it doesn't need doing too often. You are very lucky to have a father that volunteers for decorating duty, or was he more press-ganged into it?

    I love the wallpaper, very tasteful. We decided long ago that we would stick to painting, saves so much hassle and so many arguments!

    Your picture of the coffee shop, reminds me of Bradford-on-Avon, which is just up the road from us, in Wiltshire. There are several little coffee shops and pubs on the canalside, where we tend to sit and people watch ... can't beat it!

    Glad that you had a good weekend.


  2. Hi Yvonne - you were lucky to have such fine weather for your weekend away.

    Totally agree about decorating, we hate it. We just paper the one wall and paint the rest, and yes Dad is wonderful, but I do have to bake cakes and cook nice meals for him in return - but I really don't mind!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Anne x