Thursday, 1 August 2013

Foodie Penpals ~ July 2013

I took a break from Foodie Penpals during May and June, due to holidays and work and things just getting in the way.  I was happy to re-join for July, and this month my penpal was Roseannah from Glasgow.

Usually penpals are matched up with separate people, you send to one person and receive a parcel from a different person.  Somehow, this month, Roseannah and were matched as senders and givers.  This was Roseannah's first Foodie Penpal experience and to be truthful, it didn't run as smoothly as it could have.  I'd planned to send my parcel during the last week in July, ready for reveal day, and then I found out that Roseannah is away until the middle of August.   So, I've not sent her any goodies yet, but will be making sure that she gets a nice parcel of Lincolnshire goodies in time for her return to Glasgow.

My Scottish parcel arrived a couple of days ago, and Roseannah has certainly taken on board my likes and dislikes.  She sent me a box filled of Scottish themed goodies, accompanied by a Glasgow postcard that explains just what is in the parcel.

"Dear Anne,    Greetings from Glasgow!   I was glad to know that you like cheese, so I included a bit of Isle of Mull Cheddar, my favourite Cheddar.   Also, a Stornoway Black Pudding.  This has a lovely sweet, aromatic quality.   A couple of fried slices are great with scrambled eggs.  We like a slice to top our homemade pork and chorizo burgers.  If that doesn't appeal, it's a brilliant stuffing for chicken breasts or a loin of pork, or cooked crumbled into mashed potato.   The potato scones are a traditional addition to a cooked Scottish breakfast.  Also good with scrambled eggs.  And I like them grilled with cheese as a snack.   Finally, I couldn't resist including a popular Scottish biscuit.  Not classy, but classic.   Enjoy with a cup of tea."
Best wishes,   Roseannah 

I was delighted with the goodies that Roseannah has sent.   I love black pudding, but don't tend to buy it to cook at home as my OH is not keen.   I do love the idea of stuffing it into chicken breast, and am going to try that this week.  I think it would be great stuffed into the chicken, with some parma ham wrapped around the chicken, then pan-fried.    I may even sprinkle a little of the Isle of Mull Chedder, grated, between the chicken and the ham.
I'm afraid the potato cakes didn't make it into the photograph .... I ate them straight away, they really are lovely - a nice treat.
Oh and the Tunnocks chocolate bar - another of my favourites, I love them!

I really enjoy being part of the the Foodie Penpal project.  If you are interested in taking part, check out the joining instructions over at the Rock Salt blog.

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