Friday 5 January 2018

Culture Smart! Greece - The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture @CultureSmart #culturesmart #culturesmart100

When you enter Greece's mountainous peninsula, with its long coastline and unique archipelago, you are returning to the cradle of Western civilization. And while the ancient Greeks fashioned our political, ethical, aesthetic, and scientific values, their descendants down the ages have continued to set trends and shape world events.
The Greek character is a product of the landscape. Surrounded by sea on three sides, the physical features of the land forged the pronounced individuality and strong local patriotism of the warring city-states of antiquity. Their shared history and language formed the basis of a powerful world culture.
Today it is coming to terms with its recent economic and political upheavals. The Greeks have repeatedly proved they can adjust and shift their expectations—the new generation knows the old ways have gone and is bracing itself for unpredictable challenges.
Culture Smart! Greece will equip you with essential information about the background, values, and attitudes of the people you will meet and give practical advice on how to deal with unfamiliar situations. Life in Greece operates on many criss-crossing levels, offering plenty of possibilities and a variety of lifestyles. Visitors emerge from their Greek experience enriched for life, with an enduring affection for this beautiful land and its gifted people.

Culture Smart! Greece :  The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture is published in paperback by Kuperard in January 2018 and is written by Constantine Buhayer

  • ISBN: 9781857338706
  • Format: Paperback
  • Page count: 168
  • Dimensions: 171 x 108 x 13mm
  • Published at: £7.99 / $11.99 / CAN $15.99

Constantine Buhayer is an Anglo-Greek broadcaster, country analyst, and specialist in Greek and Balkan affairs. He has worked as a producer for the BBC and CBS, and he is a regular commentator on television and radio. 

The Culture Smart! guides are written for people who want more than just the nuts and bolts of where to stay, what to see, and how to travel. Short, sharp and humorous, they deal with the richly rewarding human dimension of foreign travel by telling you about the beliefs and attitudes of the people you will meet and about situations you may encounter. They help you to understand what makes people tick, the values they live by, and the kind of behavior that will be reciprocated with goodwill and hospitality.
Each guide includes concise chapters on the local customs, traditions and values of the country's inhabitants, and crucially, the key historical and cultural events that have shaped them. There are sections on social and business etiquette, tips on communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and advice on how to be a good guest.

Those of you who know me well will know of my love of Greece. We've been holidaying on various Greek islands for the past twenty years and my heart really does belong there. I have quite a collection of travel guides on my shelves; some concentrate on just one island, others cover the whole country. No matter how many I buy and read, I always find something new.

The Culture Smart! Greece guide is a compact, full colour book with a wipe clean cover and ideal for packing into your holiday bag. This is not your traditional travel guide, it's a guide to Greek culture and society, whether visiting for business or for pleasure.  Sections include:

  • local customs and traditions; including a list of the most popular name days; the Greek year and religion
  • the impact of history, religion, and politics
  • the Greeks at home, work, and play
  • eating and drinking, Greek style
  • dos, don'ts, and taboos
  • business practices
  • communication, spoken and unspoken
and many practical tips for managing the unexpected.

Praise for CultureSmart! Greece:

" .... the perfect introduction to the weird, wonderful and downright odd quirks and customs of various countries."  GLOBAL TRAVEL

"Culture Smart has come to the rescue of hapless travellers."  SUNDAY TIMES TRAVEL

"... full of fascinating -- as well as common-sense -- tips to help you avoid embarrassing faux pas."  OBSERVER

"... as useful as they are entertaining."   EASYJET MAGAZINE

"... offer glimpses into the psyche of a faraway world."   NEW YORK TIMES

I'd heartily recommend the CultureSmart! guides. I am enjoying reading through the Greek edition and I also have the Portugal book with a view to visiting Lisbon later this year.

Practical, colourful, fun and well written, these really are the perfect holiday companion.