Thursday 25 January 2018

No Ordinary Girl by Cheryl Elaine @CherylElaine15 #BlogBlitz @rararesources

What started out as a night of celebration for Aimee soon turned into a nightmare. Snatched by cruel, sadistic monsters - the worst creatures mankind has ever produced - she’s thrown into a metal container, among other victims too frightened to make a single sound.
The game-keepers force everyone to play. They deliver torment and pain in equal measure. Every hunter has their own agenda and reasons to maim and torture.
Detective Johnson is one step away from catching the killers. Wrestling with his instincts as a father to serve justice his own way, this is no ordinary case for him. Can he stop the vile sadists before they damage more young girls, as well as his own daughter?
Aimee’s ordeal within the compound brings her to the conclusion that she’s no ordinary girl. But can she hang onto her sanity long enough to escape? And will she find a different way to play?
This crime thriller will keep you riveted. It’s no ordinary story.
Please note: contains graphic content.

No Ordinary Girl by Cheryl Elaine was published in paperback and ebook in May 2017, my thanks to Rachel from Rachel's Random Resources who sent my copy for review and invited me to take part on this Blog Tour.

Please note the large print above; No Ordinary Girl really does contain graphic content, and lots of it. If you are easily offended by books that contain scenes of extreme torture, swearing and violent sex than this really is not the book for you.

I must admit that No Ordinary Girl is miles away from my usual sort of read and whilst I read a lot of crime fiction, there are details within this story that really turned my stomach. Fans of films such as Hostel and the Saw series will love it as it's brutal with nothing held back. My husband is a huge fan of horror films and when I go to the cinema with him, I usually end up watching the film from behind a hand held over my eyes; there were times during this story that I wanted to cover my eyes.

Despite my revulsion at some of the scenes, No Ordinary Girl is a gripping story and the author has created a cast of characters that the reader will despise, yet are cleverly constructed. Each has a back story that goes some way to explain their behaviours; some tragic, some resentful, some just evil.

Anyone who reads the newspapers or watches the TV News knows that our world contains some dreadful, destructive and downright rotten human beings. Those who prey on others, those who demand power and control and those who are prepared to do anything for money. No Ordinary Girl is set in that world, where innocent people are snatched from the street and kept as playthings for those who are depraved enough and are rich enough to carry out their most heinous of dreams.

This is a story that will shock the reader, yet I am sure that is the intent. It's a quick, if uncomfortable read and can be finished in a couple of sittings. Cheryl Elaine has a wild imagination that is transferred into the pages of this story.  Read it, but don't have nightmares!

Cheryl Elaine was born in Germany but moved to Northern Ireland as a young child. She then moved to Yorkshire where she spent most of her childhood and this is where she currently resides with her husband and 3 daughters.

Cheryl Elaine is an avid reader and enjoys watching horror movies - the more gruesome the better! She enjoys travelling and socialising but also loves spending time at home with her family and her ever expanding menagerie which currently includes 2 dogs, a budgie, 2 fish and a rat called Rocky!

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  1. sounds interesting but I won't be reading this - not into torture & sawn-up bodies!