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Because Of You by Helene Fermont @helenefermont BLOG TOUR @BOTBSPublicity #BecauseOfYou

When Hannah and Ben meet at a friend's party, he knows she's The One. But Hannah's in an intense relationship with Mark and planning to return to her native Sweden to embark on a teaching career.

Desperate to make Ben fall in love with her, rich spoilt heiress Vanessa sets in motion a devious string of events that ultimately changes the course of four people's lives indefinitely.

Hannah is the love of Ben's life, yet Vanessa will stop at nothing to claim the man she is convinced is her destiny.

Because of You is a dark, morally complex and cross-generational story of enduring love, fate and destiny.

I'm delighted to join the Blog Tour for Because Of You by Helene Fermont today which was organised by Sarah from  Book On The Bright Side Publicity.

I'm sharing an extract from the book for you all to enjoy

Arriving at the Primrose Hill venue at 8:00pm on the last Saturday in September, Hannah arranged with the cab driver to pick her up at midnight. Wearing a blue sequinned dress accentuating her figure and small waist, she stepped out of the car, carrying a bouquet of flowers and Belgian truffles. As she entered the foyer of the large premises to be surrounded by strangers, she heard someone call her name.
“You must be Hannah, Mel’s friend?”
Turning to see who it was, she found herself gazing into the friendliest pair of blue eyes.
“My name’s Matthew Jacobs – Mel’s fiancé and associate – I’m pleased we finally get to meet.” With his tall, athletic build, short brown hair and big smile, it was easy to understand why Melanie had fallen in love with him.
“Mel’s instructed I take extra good care of you! She’s busy with all the guests.” Taking her arm, he proceeded to introduce her to groups of people, all curious to know what it was like to live in Sweden. A passing waiter offering sparkling champagne. Discreetly watching her take a sip, Matthew agreed with his fiancée.
She was completely oblivious of her own beauty and of everyone staring at her, the red hair reminiscent of a rich burgundy wine.
Engaging in small talk, Hannah asked if he minded Melanie having a career.
“Not at all. I want her to be happy, she’s the woman I love.”
Just then, they were interrupted.
“Hannah! Just look at you. That dress is simply divine.”
Embracing one another, Melanie exclaimed, “I’m so happy you’re here!”
“Your fiancé’s been very nice to me. Congratulations on turning twenty-five and getting engaged!” Hannah handed her the flowers and chocolates.
“How wonderfully decadent! Sweets aren’t good for the figure . . . What the heck, it’s not every day one gets the opportunity to celebrate!”
“You’ve nothing to worry about – I’ve never seen you as gorgeous as you look tonight.” Radiant in a red gown, with matching lips and nails, Melanie wore her hair in a sleek pageboy cut, emphasising her dark blue eyes.
Steering Hannah towards the back, she put an arm around her.
“What do you think?”
“Wow! I never saw anything like it!” Hannah gasped at the sight of pink tablecloths on the buffet, candles and roses.
“There’s someone I want you to meet . . .” Walking arm in arm in the direction of a small group of people talking amongst themselves, Melanie made a formal introduction. “This is the girl I’ve been
telling you about. Hannah Stein – Benjamin Isaacs. Ben’s my oldest friend, Hannah’s over on a gap year, staying with an adorable lady in Golders Green.”
His eyes glued on the pretty woman in front of him, Ben replied, “Mel’s been singing your praises, Miss Stein. Now I know the reason.”
Eyes locking, both felt an instant chemistry, quite unlike anything they’d experienced before. Tall, dark and handsome, Ben bore an uncanny resemblance to Sean Connery, each muscular with dimples in their cheeks. What attracted her most was his impeccable accent, deep voice and big brown eyes, seemingly looking behind the exterior into her soul.
From a distance Hannah heard Melanie say, “I’ll leave you to it, you’re bound to have plenty to talk about. . .”
“I’m honoured to sit next to you, Miss Stein.” Flattered that he’d pulled out a chair for her to sit, Hannah felt his eyes on her.
Overwhelmed by her presence, beauty and charm, Ben was acutely conscious of the fact he’d never met anyone like her; the fiery red hair, delicate features and emerald green eyes.
Dinner consisted of melon with port, rack of lamb and sorbet with almond biscuits; everything tasting delicious. Ben entertained Hannah with stories of the time he and Melanie were enrolled at nursery, while Hannah told him about her country, silently comparing his interest in everything she told him to Mark, who rarely listened to anything she had to say.
After dinner there were birthday speeches, including one from Ben, who told everyone how fortunate he was to have such a caring, loyal friend in Melanie.
“She’s a lousy loser, though. I lost track of all the times I let her beat me at a game,” he teased, raising his glass in a toast to her and Matthew, before returning to his seat.
Touched by his words, Melanie blew him a kiss across the table. They’d celebrated her and Matthew’s engagement at her parents’ house the previous weekend. At twenty-seven, Ben was the brother she had never had.
Turning his attention to Hannah, Ben asked, “Are you planning on leaving in the near future?”

Hélene Fermont writes character-driven psychological crime fiction with a Scandi Noir flavour. 

Known for her explosive, pacy narrative and storylines, she has published three novels - Because of You, We Never Said Goodbye and His Guilty Secret - and two short story collections - The Love of Her Life and Who's Sorry Now? Her fourth novel is due for release in the summer of 2019. 

After 20 years in London, Hélene recently returned to her native Sweden where she finds the unspoiled scenery and tranquillity a therapeutic boost for creativity. 

Enjoying a successful career as a Psychologist, when she's not working her 'day job', Hélene spends her time writing, with friends and family, or playing with her beloved cat, Teddy.

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