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When Mia wakes up in a Long Beach hospital with a head wound, she knows everything there is to know about the Kardashian-Jenner family but almost nothing about herself. The only items in her possession are her torn party dress which immediately begs the question, what kind of girl parties on a Tuesday night? a tube of Chanel lipstick, and an iPhone with a shattered screen. She might not remember where she lives but she can use her Instagram account to work backward to piece together the basic facts of her identity. Easy enough, right? Instagram tells her that she lives in a Millennial-pink duplex that would make Kylie Jenner jealous. But when she arrives, she discovers a cute housesitter named Max who tells her the house actually belongs to JP, a French billionaire and he has no idea how she s connected to him. After some sleuthing, she discovers she s the owner of a high-end matchmaking service. Could JP be one of her investors? As Mia works backward through her Instagram to figure out who she really is and find anyone who knows anything about her she discovers an ugly truth buried within her perfect social media image. Is it too late to undo her lies online and become an IRL good person?

Siri, Who Am I? by Sam Tschida is published by Quirk Books on 12 January 2021 and is the author's debut novel. It has been optioned to a major Hollywood television studio. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review. 

Sometimes you just need a book that will make you smile, yes?  I know that I certainly did recently, and I have smiled all the way through this romp of a novel. It's so far away from my usual reading, yet I was totally entertained by Mia and her madcap behaviour in the glittery setting of Los Angeles.

Mia wakes in a hospital bed. She has metal staples in a head wound and she doesn't remember anything about her life. Not even her name. That's where Siri can help. Siri does know Mia's name, but only her first name, and that's about all. Whilst Mia has an all singing, all dancing fancy smart phone; her contacts are blank, her message inbox is empty, but her Instagram page is full. Full of photos that show a lady who lives a life of glamour and appears to be wealthy. There are photos on a yacht, at celebrity events and there's one guy who features quite a lot. 

Mia leaves hospital, complete with metal staples, wearing a bright yellow Prada cocktail dress, and clutching a ruby red rhinestone studded bag. She does manage to pin point a house that she assumes is home, but when she arrives there, she doesn't find the hunky, rich man she expected. He's away on business and instead she meets Max, the house sitter. 

Mia and Max embark on a fun filled and often enlightening journey to discover just who Mia is. There are plenty of things that Mia hopes that she is, but it becomes clear that her Instagram and glamour filled selfies may be hiding quite a lot of truths.

The author takes the selfie-culture lifestyle and pulls it apart. Mia can be shallow and selfish, but as she realises that all is not quite what it seems to be, she begins to question herself, and how she lived her previous life. It's a clever and witty look at how curated versions of a life are posted daily all over Social Media, with a hint of romance thrown in for good measure. 

Totally entertaining, Siri, Who Am I? is a little bit of mystery, a splash of romance and a lot of fun.

Sam Tschida (pronounced cheetah ) is from the wilds of Minnesota, where she lives with a motley
crew of kids, dogs, and one handsome man. 

She is the co-founder of ManuFixed, an editorial consulting company and a writing workshop that services the Twin Cities. 

In her spare time she runs, exercises, and watches Netflix

Twitter @RealSamTschida

Instagram @therealsamtschida

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