Friday 4 December 2020

The Lie by Hilary Boyd @HilaryBoyd @PenguinUKBooks #TheLie #BookReview


Romy and Michael had it all. 30 years of marriage, two wonderful sons and a beautiful home.

Until a letter arrives containing a shocking accusation, and everything falls apart.

Fleeing to an idyllic countryside village to find time to think, Romy finds herself drawn to Finch, a handsome stranger with a tragic past. Is this a chance to start again?

But then the phone rings: Michael is in hospital. He says he needs her help . . .

The Lie by Hilary Boyd was published in paperback on 6 August by Penguin. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review.

This review was originally published in the Daily Express

Romy and Michael have been married for thirty years. Michael is a successful barrister and Romy has been by his side from day one. From the draughty flat with no money, right through to the luxury home and wealth that has been the result of his determination and hard work.

They’ve raised two wonderful sons, and have been happy. 

Until one day, Romy receives an anonymous letter …. ‘I just thought you should know who you’re married to ….’

The revelations contained in the letter turn their lives upside down
Romy has to make some difficult and life changing decisions and flees to their cottage in the country. Gradually she begins to build a new life for herself and is drawn to Finch; a widower from the village who shows her kindness and understanding.

When Romy receives a telephone call, saying that Michael is in hospital and needs her, once again she has to make some heart breaking and very difficult decisions. The hope of a better future, with a man who will love and cherish her is shattered by her sense of responsibility toward the man who is the father of her children.

The Lie is a gripping story that raises so many questions of the reader. One cannot help but ask ‘what would I do?’ as Romy makes her decision. 

This author excellently observes the dynamics of a family, and the often displaced loyalties that are so apparent within many relationships. This is a particularly relevant plot line, touching on the issues of the #MeToo movement and Romy utter devastation at the beginning, followed by her realisation and determination as she grows throughout the story is incredibly well written. 

Hilary Boyd was a nurse, marriage counsellor and ran a small cancer charity before becoming an author. 

She has written eight books, including Thursdays in the Park, her debut novel which sold over half a million copies and was an international bestseller. 
The film rights have been acquired by Charles Dance, who will be directing and starring

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