Thursday 12 May 2022

The Children Of Pisces by R E Lewin BLOG TOUR #TheChildrenOfPisces @RachaelRuthH @matadorbooks #TenThingsAboutMe @RandomTTours


It's 2070 and our post-apocalyptic world is different. Aliens secretly invaded with a lethal biological weapon. A terrifying virus annihilated almost every living creature in its path. People still believe it was a natural virus, oblivious to aliens and the truth. Humanity's survival is in the hands of the alliance, a team of humans and aliens who stand against the evil arch-enemy alien leader. Orphaned children are raised in army-style schools. But from this barren wasteland, a few shall rise...

Tammy and Mikie are half-human and half-alien siblings, with immense metaphysical powers and a crystal weapon. Their powers are extraordinary alone, but together they are unstoppable. At twelve, these two are already too powerful to ignore. Can Mikie overcome his inner conflict? Will his compulsion to protect put those closest to him in even more danger? Can Tammy rise above her animal instincts and maintain her humanity? This adventure will take them across the world and maybe into the stars beyond. They must reunite their family and decide where their loyalties lie. The seekers are coming...

The Children of Pisces by R E Lewin is part of the Two Pendants series and was published by Matdor on 28 March 2022.
As part of this #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour, I am delighted to welcome the author here today. She's talking about Ten Things About Me 

Ten Things About Author R E Lewin

I wrote my first novel when I was 13 – it was a romance.

I have 12 large cats and dogs, chickens and still want more land to rescue more animals.

I’m a bit of a nyctophile, which means I prefer the peace of night and dark. I write a lot in the evenings and or very early in the morning.

I had a poem published in a small magazine in America called ‘Temporary motherhood’

I’m a fun and spontaneous person who doesn’t always like to make plans – even a book plan – despite my project management planning background. I’m such a rebel!

I like animals more than people and my mantra is “I can live without a man but I can’t live without a dog.”

I adore travelling and wish I could do more

I dream of living in isolation with just my cats and dogs – I am conflicted between numbers 7 and 8 – travelling and being with my animals…

I am a water baby – I totally change and find peace and happiness whenever I am in and near water

I practice daily as an arhatic yogi and consider my spiritual practice the most important thing to focus on every day

Rachael has loved writing since she finished her first book at age thirteen. 

Since then she has broadened her experiences by becoming a project manager, energy healer and helping animals with applied zoopharmacognosy, as well as helping nurture creativity in others, including her twins, who are the primary age group for this, her debut.

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