Friday 13 May 2022

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Sometimes the best things in life happen when you dare to get out of your depth.

Abby lives and works in the heart of the Lake District. She splits her time between bringing up her daughter, working in the Plum Pie Bakery – and dreaming of the time before her husband, Ben, left.

Lori is on holiday from the States, hoping to find her way to the lake that she’s looked at for years in a picture on her wall back home.

Rebecca is contemplating taking the plunge too. Despite her immaculate appearance Rebecca is keeping quiet about a childhood trauma which has left her scared of the water.

Clarissa is the founder of The Wildwater Women. An all-year-round open-water swimming veteran, and with a fearsome manner, she knows the lakes like no one else and her boundless energy defies her years.

Four women, all from very different lives, all with reason to step into the water and wash away their past. But will the friendship they build be enough to keep them afloat when they each must face their fears?

The Wildwater Women by Ellie Wood was published on 28 April 2022 by HarperNorth. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review as part of this #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour 

I have really enjoyed reading about the adventures of these four strong and interesting women, added to the wonderful location of the Lake District, this is a book to be savoured.

Three very different women come together to embark on a daring new hobby. Abby lives by the Lakes, she's single, still missing her husband Ben and has a small daughter. Abby works in the local Plum Pie Bakery. She enjoys the job, but her boss is a force to be reckoned with.

Lori is American and has recently arrived at the holiday cottage next door to Abby's home. Lori is exuberant and beautifully dressed. She welcomes Abby and firmly encourages her to take a step out of her comfort zone. 

Rebecca also lives in the area. Abby has seen her many times in the Bakery and often wondered just what this beautifully dressed, immaculately turned out woman did. Rebecca works at a luxury hotel nearby, but she's really not as composed as she appears.

The three women are going to try wild swimming. They are going to plunge deep into the cold water of a large lake. Lori seems the keenest and Abby is determined to do something different. It is Rebecca who really struggles. 

As they are taken under the wing of the formidable Clarissa who leads the group, they gradually learn more about each other, and about themselves. Clarissa herself is a colourful character, with a past that she rarely talks about. Her aim is to encourage the women, to enable them to discover their true selves.

This is a warm hearted and uplifting book, despite the descriptions of the icy water, which did make me shiver at times (I'm a real wuss and cannot imagine ever jumping into deep, cold waters!)

The author uncovers some serious issues in her story and it is done deftly with sympathy and is never heavy. A real joy to read and perfect for curling up on the settee on a lazy weekend. 

Ellie Wood was born and raised in the Lake District where she still lives. 

Passionate about the benefits of getting out into the wild, she’s swum and walked the landscape that inspires her writing since she was small.

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