Monday 4 July 2022

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In the post-pandemic world Melodie feels lost and alone, desperate to find something to remind her of her previous life. She sets out on a trip to Corfu to reconnect with happier times, only to be haunted by memories and events from the past. 

While travelling, Melodie meets a handsome man with an intriguing young daughter. But Melodie doesn't want a holiday fling. It's not in her nature. After deciding to avoid the intriguing pair, their paths collide once more. But who holds the key to Melodie's past, and who will open the door to her future? 

The Little Blue Door is the first in a trilogy of contemporary women's fiction and family saga. If you like raw emotions and a sexy slow burn romance set to the beautiful backdrop of Greece, then it's time to fly off to Corfu with Francesca Catlow's Little Blue Door series.  

The Little Blue Door by Francesca Catlow was published in paperback in December 2021. My thanks to the author who sent my copy for review. 

I've been keeping this book to read whilst on holiday in Corfu, and I can honestly say that reading it whilst surrounded by the beautiful Corfiot scenery, and the smells and the sounds really added to my enjoyment. 

Set in Agios Stefanos, often referred to as San Stefanos, on the north west coast of the island, this is a setting that I know very well. We stay in nearby Arillas, a smaller, quieter resort, but both are beautiful and a true Greek experience. 

The Little Blue Door is a tale of romance, with a touch of darkness and flashes of clever humour.  The lead character, Melodie, is feeling lost and lonely after the long months of isolation due to the COVID pandemic, and the loss of her beloved grandparents to the virus. She was brought up by her grandparents after the sudden disappearance of her very young mother when she was just a child. For years, she has wondered just what she did that made her mother leave her like that.

Melodie and her grandparents spent many happy holidays in Agios Stefanos and she makes the decision to return, to try to recapture some of the happiness, to connect with the people that she considers to be her friends. 

Catlow brings Agios Stefanos to life so very well, not least the absolute joyful welcome that Melodie receives when she arrives. Eveyone remembers her and her grandparents, and she is embraced as part of the community in true Greek style.

However, there's a young girl and her widowed father who Melodie has never met before. Gaia, the little girl stares at Melodie with a strange look, and her father Anton is quite mysterious. However, it's not that long before a relationship forms, and this is the romantic side of the story.  When Gaia explains to Melodie why she couldn't help but stare at her, secrets from her past start to be exposed and Melodie discovers far more in Corfu than she could ever have imagined. 

Well written, with an obvious passion for Corfu and the people who live there, this is a story that brought a smile to my face. I was rooting for Melodie and Anton, but wasn't prepared for how the story progressed at all, which was a welcome surprise. 

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this trilogy, returning to Corfu and catching up with the characters. 

Catlow loves travel. Born and brought up in the heart of Suffolk, Catlow has travelled extensively in Europe with her French husband and, more recently, their two young children. Of all the places she’s been it is the Greek islands that have captured her heart. She visits as often as family commitments allow.

The Little Blue Door is Catlow’s first novel – written during the lockdown of 2020 while feeding her baby in the early hours. It's the first book in 'Little Blue Door' series. This is followed by Behind The Olive Trees (2022) and the third book is called Chasing Greek Dreams and will be out in 2023. This series has complimentary novellas too. Catlow is also writing historical fiction set in her home county.

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