Wednesday 23 November 2022

People Pie by John Ling BLOG TOUR #PeoplePie #JuicyPortraitsInPoetry @RandomTTours #TenThingsAboutTheAuthor


These are poems about real people, with laughter, sadness and drama, and only the slightest amount of exaggeration! 

Meet the courteous bottom surgeon, the philosophical street cleaner, the fat clown in prison, the lord of disrepair, the girl of a thousand lives, Cedric with the wild whiskers, the Ukmuds and the Snoobs, the omphalaphobic, Mr Gadget, the man of few words, the dirty old man, the teenage flirt, the poser, and many many more. 

All real people. You might be in here too!

People Pie : juicy portraits in poetry by John Ling was published on 24 October 2022 by The Conrad Press. As part of this #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour, I am delighted to share Ten Things about the author with you today. 

Ten Things About Me - John Ling

1. Humanist. I believe this is the only life we have, so best make the most of it!

2. Mediator. I help people resolve conflicts, Neighbour to neighbour, and children with special needs 

3. Author of six books 

4. Love cats

5. I Make my own bread and grow fruit.

6. Former teacher , mainly hearing impaired and autistic kids

7. Grandad of four kids

8. Non-religious pastoral carer (ie chaplain) in hospitals and prisons.

9. Next book out soon "Mrs Loud and Mrs Quiet" - short stories, many about mediation.

10. Partner a former asylum seeker from Iran.

John Ling is a humanist, and a mediator, spends his life helping people to resolve conflicts. 

A former teacher of children with special needs, he is a great people watcher, fascinated by the idiosyncrasies of ordinary people. 

He tries hard to keep that anarchic sense of humour under control (but not always, thank goodness).

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