Tuesday 14 November 2023

The Rich by Rachel Lynch #TheRich @r_lynchcrime @canelo_co #BookReview


Each week, they come to lie on her couch. Carrie, Henry and Grace. They don’t know one another, but Dr Alex knows them all too well. She listens as they reveal their dirtiest little secrets.

Then a murderer strikes in their elite neighbourhood. Could her clients hold the answers? As a psychologist she knows that anyone can be a killer if they’re pushed hard enough.

But only some can get away with it.

A twist-a-minute standalone thriller with a massive dose of guilty pleasure, from the million copy bestseller Rachel Lynch. Perfect for fans of Adele Parks, Catherine Cooper and Chris Brookmyre.

The Rich by Rachel Lynch was published on 9 November 2023 by Canelo. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review. 

The Rich is set in Cambridge, and as the title suggests, revolves around a set of characters who are wealthy, often attractive and whilst each having their own individual lives and careers, are a bunch of people whose lives overlap on a regular basis. 

This is a complex thriller, with a cast of characters who each give their side of the story. Dr Alex Moore is the lynch pin of the plot and her narrative is told in the first person, whilst the other lead characters get the third person treatment. 

Dr Alex appears to be happy and has a successful career as a psychologist, however it soon becomes clear that the old adage of 'physician heal thyself' certainly applies to Alex, or to be clear, to her family. Her marriage to Jeremy is troubled, he seeks solace in the bottom of a glass and her three children all have their own issues too. 

Alex has three patients involved in the plot. Carrie; an extremely high rising business woman; Henry; a man with a troubled past who is now enjoying the fruits of his labour as a bespoke builder and Grace; a fitness instructor and social media influencer. These three people know each other, but they do not know that they share a therapist. 

Alex's old friend Terry is another hugely wealthy guy, with expensive cars, a flashy home and the ability to make money without much effort. When Monika, his younger, Eastern European wife disappers, at first Alex is not too worried. Monika has form for disappearing for periods and her and Terry's marriage is not the strongest. 

However, Monika is dead. Her body is discovered and DI Paul Hunt is assigned to the case. He's not the most diplomatic, or politically correct policeman, and he's soon delving into the lives of those who were closest to the victim. 

Despite the fact that I could find no way of really liking many of the characters, this story kept me gripped. It's a murder story, but is also a deep, revealing look into the lives of the characters, and it was this that really appealed to me most. Trust nobody and suspect everybody!

Dark and compelling with a colourful cast of characters. A story that I enjoyed.

Rachel Lynch grew up in Cumbria and regularly hiked the fells from a young age.

After studying history at the University of Lancaster, Rachel trained to become a teacher in London.
She began writing full time in 2016 and is represented by Peter Buckman of the Ampersand Agency.
Canelo signed the first three novels in the Kelly Porter series in 2018 and number 12 will be published in 2024.
To date the series has sold over 1 million copies.
The Rich is Rachel’s first standalone psychological thriller and was released on 8th November 2023.
Rachel lives near London with her husband and two children, and Poppy the terrier.

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