Monday 13 February 2017

Give Your Book a Cuddle with a Buddle @bookbuddle #Giveaway #Win

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Nina (@Matineegirl) bought me a fabulous present. She presented me with a Book Buddle, a beautifully hand-made book cover, decorated in fabulous skull-themed material.
I love my Buddle, it really does give your book a cuddle, keeping it safe from the usual wear and tear that happens.  I was so impressed with my Buddle that I contacted the owner of the store and invited her here to Random Things to talk about her business and how it began.
Jules is generously offering readers a chance to win a Buddle 

"I'm Jules, a 40 year old paramedic. I've been doing my job for 7 years now and, although at times extremely rewarding, it is also very demanding, both physically & emotionally. Over the last few years especially, books have become a bit of a coping mechanism to help me deal with the things I come across on a daily basis. I spend all of my spare time reading & have found solace in a lot of the books I've read. I'm a huge fan of historical fiction, recent favourites include Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries and, of course, The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry! To be fair though, I'll read anything that comes with a great recommendation! What I like to read can also be dependent on my mood. I recently read Cathy Rentzenbrink's The Last Act of Love, such a touching book, and am looking forward to A Manual for Heartache which I've heard great things about. My favourite book is The Reader on the 6.27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent, a beautiful little book which I feel hasn't had the recognition it deserves. 

I'm also a little protective of my books, I like them to be as pristine as possible at all times. When I found my books were getting scruffy by being thrown around in my bag, I came up with the Buddle to protect them. I have to give credit to my boyfriend for the name & his slogan "give your book a cuddle", which is exactly what they do! Initially, I made these for myself but then family & friends wanted them & eventually I thought I'd try selling them. It was all very nerve wracking when I first went online, but the response has been truly overwhelming & I've had some fantastic feedback. 

In conjunction with Random Things Through My Letter Box, I'm offering a small Buddle (to hold a paperback) to one lucky person made to a design of your choice. Just follow me on twitter at @bookbuddle & tell me which book you'd want protected by a Buddle & why. If you're not on twitter, you can email me at instead. One person will be chosen at random."

 Buddles are available in small (for paperback), large (for hardback) and can be made for e-readers & iPads on request. Some designs are for sale on Etsy at, or contact me via twitter or email for any specific requirements of sizes & fabrics. 
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank both Nina Pottell and Anne for their support with my new venture!

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  1. What a great idea! I love them. I always used to get those plastic covers that covered your books to protect them, but these are such a good idea! I've entered the competition and followed Jule's blog. I'm amazed as a paramedic she has time to do such a wonderful thing. Great idea.