Friday 17 February 2017

The Breakdown by B A Paris #BlogTour @BAParisAuthor @HQstories #Giveaway

If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?
It all started that night in the woods.
Cass Anderson didn’t stop to help the woman in the car, and now she’s dead.
Ever since, silent calls have been plaguing Cass and she’s sure someone is watching her.
Consumed by guilt, she’s also starting to forget things. Whether she took her pills, what her house alarm code is – and if the knife in the kitchen really had blood on it.
Bestselling author B A Paris is back with a brand new psychological thriller full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I have three paperback copies of The Breakdown to give away, courtesy of HQ Stories. Entry is simple - just fill out the competition widget at the end of this post.  UK ENTRIES ONLY.
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The Breakdown by B A Paris was published in paperback by HQ Stories on 9 February 2017 and is the author's second novel.
I read and reviewed this author's first novel. Behind Closed Doors here on Random Things back in December 2015 and I don't think I've stopped talking about it since then. I have thrust copies of it into so many people's hands, urging them to read it.  So, it's a case of that difficult second novel again, not just for the author, but for her fans too. The anticipation has been huge, and the niggling fear that maybe she wouldn't be able to do it again.

Fear not! The Breakdown is another absolute page turner. I was well and truly hooked from the first page, and raced through it in a couple of days, often holding my breath.

The story opens just as a terrific thunder storm erupts and despite knowing that her husband wouldnot be pleased if he found out, Cass decides to take a short cut home. Turning off the busy, but well lit dual carriageway and making her way down a dark and isolated country lane, she soon begins to regret her decision as her wipers battle with the torrential rain and she struggles to see anything in front of her.

Cass does see a car parked at the side of the road, with a woman sitting inside. She wants to help, but could it be a trap? What would Matthew, her husband say if he knew? She carries on, despite her worries about a lone woman, out in the dark and wild weather.

That incident becomes the turning point in Cass's life. She becomes plagued with guilt when she discovers that the woman was found murdered, and that she knew her. Coupled with the worry about whether she has inherited her late mother's illness and a series of silent phone calls, Cass slowly begins to feel as though she's losing her mind.

B A Paris is an excellent author, she has a created a story that compels the reader. That compulsion to discover more never ceases. I suspected every single character in turn, I wondered about the reliability of Cass's narrative, I questioned her, just as she questioned herself. There are subtle hints throughout the story that lead to an exciting conclusion, when the author fits the final piece into this intricate puzzle and a feeling of astonishment settles over the reader.

You may guess who, but I doubt that you'll guess why and who with. The author balances every twist and every turn brilliantly. She explores the intricacies of intimate relationships and how these can be altered and manipulated by those with the most to gain.

A clever, gripping and hair-raising read that I will be recommending to everyone. I loved it.

My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review.

I have three paperback copies of The Breakdown to give away, courtesy of HQ Stories. Entry is simple - just fill out this competition widget.  UK ENTRIES ONLY.
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3 Copies of The Breakdown by B A Paris

B A Paris is the internationally bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, her debut novel. She was brought up in England and moved to France where she spent some years working in Finance before re-training as a teacher and setting up a language school with her husband. They still live in France and have five daughters. Her second novel, The Breakdown is out February 9th, 2017.

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