Tuesday 17 March 2020

Am I The Killer by Dan Petrosini BLOG TOUR @JAZZYWINE @BOTBSPublicity #AmITheKiller #MyLifeInBooks

Peter hated him…
…and the murder was brutal.
Could he really be the killer?
Peter served his country in Afghanistan. The brain injury was severe. To survive in the hospital, he kept his focus on the one thing that mattered, Mary. What he found back home, broke him.
Mary was with Billy, the bully who terrorized his childhood.
When the police arrested him for Billy’s murder, they had just one problem…
…Peter claimed he couldn’t remember what he did that night.
Detective Luca’s career can’t afford another mistake. This case could be a problem, though, as the obvious suspect doesn’t remember a thing. Is Peter trying to pull a fast one?
Who else could have done it?
There’s more at play than meets the eye. Politics and personal demons plague him. Luca’s career and maybe his life are on the line.
You’ll love this riveting book one in the Luca Mystery police procedural series, because of the unexpected plot twists.
Get it now.

Am I The Killer? by Dan Petrosini is published in paperback and for Kindle.  I'm delighted to welcome the author here today as part of the Blog Tour organised by Sarah from Book On The Bright Side Publicity. He's talking about the books that are special to him in My Life In Books

My Life in Books - Dan Petrosini 

This is just about my favorite book.  It's both an adventure and love story. I read it every couple of years! 

You are transported to the cell with Ivan. He struggles to maintain his dignity in the face of incredible abuse.

Not an easy read but an incredibly important book.  A ton of courage was required to document the inhumanity and suffering.

A cautionary tale concerning the horrors of controlling government. Its a great reminder to cherish our freedoms.

I keep this on my nightstand. I open it randomly and read a passage. It helps to keep my in the present moment and to put things in perspective. 

A horrifying  story about war.  I though i read it years ago, I still recall the way Trumbo revealed the condition of Johnny.

You're submerged, as if a witness to the planning, crime and aftermath.

A story about friendship, watching out for each other and pursing your dreams no matter how small they may be,

A simple premise of a story containing immense symbolism. An example of how to tell a story without a padded word count. 

Dan wrote his first story at age ten and is still at it.  Married, with two daughters and a needy
Maltese, Dan lives in Southwest Florida. A New York City native, Dan teaches at local colleges, writes novels, and plays tenor saxophone in several jazz bands. He also drinks way too much wine.
Dan has his own view of the world and culture, or lack thereof. He passionately believes people can realize their dreams if they focus and act, and he encourages just that.
His favorite saying is – ‘The price of discipline is always less than the cost of regret’
Dan also reminds people to get negativity out of their lives. He feels it is contagious and advises people to steer clear of negative people.
Dan has written over fifteen novels and has an active blog at http://danpetrosini.com

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