Tuesday 30 August 2011

Angel Delight Ice Cream

I'm a real 70s girl, and still look back on polyester flares and Bay City Rollers tartan scarves with great fondness.  Oh, and the food - the delights of Vesta Curry and the wonder of Crispy Pancakes - we really thought we were at the very height of culinary excellence.   I still have a fondness for Angel Delight, which was a great, and very rare treat in our house when I was a kid.   I can't resist that butterscotch / synthetic flavour at all, and every now and then I'll make a big bowlful and remember the 'good old days'!
So, when I saw that Angel Delight were giving away free packets of their new ice cream mix - well, I just had to apply through their Facebook page - and hurrah, my free sample popped through the letterbox a couple of days ago.  I'm strangely excited by this and am looking forward to mixing and freezing and tasting!
I'll report back when I've sampled it.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, a trip down memory lane.
    Butterscotch over a banana! Can still taste it! LOL