Sunday 14 August 2011

Wink Murder by Ali Knight

I do feel really honoured and extremely lucky to be part of the Amazon Vine programme - I've had some really fabulous things to review .... scanner, camera, toys, and of course, lots of great books.  

I picked Wink Murder by Ali Knight from the July newsletter and have just spent a couple of days immersed in it's dark and at times, quite murky story.  

Wink Murder is journalist Ali Knight's debut novel and is published by Hodder & Stroughton.

Wink Murder is a story of murder, betrayal, trust and tension.   
Kate Forman has a great life; two children, a big house and a handsome husband Paul.   
Paul owns a TV production company which he is in the process of selling for big money.   
Kate works part time in TV too - their lives are full of celebrity parties and glamour.   
One night Paul arrives home in the early hours of the morning, he appears drunk, he is sobbing and he is covered in blood.   Kate's world is turned upside down when the body of a young woman is found the next day, she's been murdered - she worked with Paul and evidence points to this being a 'copy-cat' murder.   
Paul has recently produced an award-winning reality TV show, following the case of a murderer who strangled his wife with a magician's white rope - the latest murderer used the same weapon. 
How well does Kate really know her husband?   It is clear as the story progresses that theirs is not quite the happy marriage that they portray.  Both of them have issues around trust and both of them are keeping secrets. 

The tension builds constantly throughout the novel, as each of the major characters are hauled in by the police for questioning.    These characters are very realistic - none of them particularly likeable, but all of them very human.  Kate can be  moody and self-centred at times, yet she is also passionate and loyal. 

This is a fast-paced plot which makes you think about just how much trust we place in people around us. 

On the whole, a good, well-structured psychological thriller with a great plot, even at times it does become a little complicated.   I enjoyed this and will watch out for more by Ali Knight.

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