Friday 26 August 2011

The Secrets Between Us by Louise Douglas

This is my second book choice from the Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge.

I am a big fan of Louise Douglas and her first two books are some of my favourite reads.

The Secrets Between Us strays a little from the path of her earlier books, in that it is more of a thriller, with some really dark moments that are quite unsettling to read and left me feeling a little spooked more than once.

The lead character Sarah, is a damaged young woman.  She had recently lost a child and ended a long-term relationship.

Whilst spending a couple of weeks in the sunshine of Sicily with her sister May, she meets Alex and his small son Jamie.  

Alex is mysterious, dark and brooding.  Jamie is innocent, sweet, vulnerable - and motherless. Genevieve; Alex's wife and Jamie's mother has gone missing.

Sarah is soon immersed in Alex and Jamie's world.  She leaves Manchester to move in with them.

I'm part of the Transworld Book Group
Sarah finds herself in the midst of a small village, where everyone knows everyone's business and everyone loves Genevieve.  Sarah finds herself torn between wanting to protect and care for Jamie, wanting to be Alex's lover and also wanting to find out just what happened to Gene.   She feels Gene's presence in the house, she knows that the stories just dont add up, but she wants to trust Alex.

This is a skillfully woven, suspenseful story that really does keep you turning the pages very quickly.

I did have a sneaky suspicion towards the end that I knew 'who dunnit', and I was right, but this really didn't spoil the story for me.  

The characters are well crafted, the setting is excellent and the tension is at times quite stifling.

An excellent third novel from an accomplished author.


  1. Thanks to the joys of living in Italy, my first choice has not even arrived yet!
    This sounds good and is my second choice so I am also looking forward to reading soon.

  2. I'm sure that they will arrive soon - living in Italy sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did