Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Competition Win - ProCook Pans from www.hot-dinners.com

People have probably gathered that I like food!   Eating it, cooking it and reading about it.  I'm a sucker for restaurant reviews too - even places that I'm never likely to visit.  I'd love to be a food critic!

 I got an email from www.hot-dinners.com a couple of weeks ago - I'd won a competition on their website.  My prize arrived today - a set of ProCook Gourmet Steel Pans.  I'm really thrilled as my saucepans are ancient and really need replacing.  So, now I have some lovely shiny new pans - and Costa and Nero have a new box to play in!  What is it with cats and boxes?  
As soon as I unpacked the pans, put all the stuffing in the empty box, Nero jumped in and stayed there for a while.  As soon as he got out, of course, Costa had to have a go too.  My two daft cats never cease to make me smile! I'm really thrilled as my saucepans are ancient and really need replacing.


  1. Anne I just love those pics of Costa and Nero, well done on your win - wanna rub my palm to pass on the luck?

  2. Hi Jan, those kitties just get into everything. Give them a posh basket and they turn their noses up!

  3. What beautiful cats!!! I grew up with cats and I'm a sucker for a beautiful canine face, you have two to enjoy on a daily basis!!!

    My neighbour here has a fab ginger & white tom called Simba. Unlike most Greek feline residents (I live on Rhodes), he has a good home and we enjoy his visits to our garden. He's the most "human" cat I've ever met!!!

  4. Welcome John. Yes, they are two gorgeous kitties, although Nero is not well at the moment and has some sort of allergy, he has big bald patches on his head and is feeling very sorry for himself.
    I've not been to Rhodes since before the Euro - but I do remember that there was a lady in Rhodes Town who fed all the stray cats. We are going to Kos in 3 weeks time, our first time there.

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  6. I've read good things about the Imperia ones but i've also seen a ProCook one that has more cutters for the same price.
    Anyone have any reviews - any brand - not just those two!

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