Saturday 10 November 2012

A Curious Invitation: The 40 Greatest Parties in Literature by Suzette Field

What do Plato, Jane Austen, Dickens, Proust and Stephen King have in common?  They all wrote a great party.

A Curious Invitation : The 40 Greatest Parties in Literature was published in October by Picador, I was delighted to receive a copy of this beautifully presented book from Sandra in the Picador Press Office.

It really is a joy to look at, the cover is wonderfully illustrated, with touches of gold leaf in amongst the drawings, there are more black and white drawings dotted throughout the book.

Suzette Field is a very successful event promoter. the balls and parties that she arranges regularly attract 3000 guests.  She is a real 'party animal', and her love of a good 'do' shine through in the 40 parties that she has selected to feature in her book.   Each party has been taken from a work of fiction, although a couple of the included bashes are fictionalised versions of real historical events.    And what a varied bunch of parties she has selected, the reader is taken from the world of Plato to Pooh, with each event given as much thought and consideration as the last one.

It's not just traditional parties that are featured either, there are garden parties, proms and orgies!  Suzette Field has listed the guest lists, the food, the dress, the entertainment and the lasting legacy of each event.

A Curious Invitation is a fascinating read, told with humour at times, it is really accessible and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves books and especially those book-lovers who love to party.

This the sort of book that you can dip into at any time and find another fascinating party, it's almost like being a constant gatecrasher!

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  1. Never heard of it Anne, very unusal cover :)