Monday 5 November 2012

Foodie Penpals ~ October 2012

As the nights are drawing in and it's most definitely getting colder and greyer by the day, I do begin to feel a bit down in the dumps.  Autum and Winter are not my favourite times of the year by any means, although I do love chunky jumpers, scarves and boots!

Being part of the Foodie Penpals scheme is great, and my parcel this month arrived on a particularly horrible day - very cold and sleety rain, so I was really happy to have a box of surprise goodies to open up.

This month my parcel came from Simon and Karen in Manchester.  Karen puts together the parcels and Simon blogs about them, his blog is great, full of food, fashion and travel and you can check it out at   Simon had contacted me before they put the parcel together, so they had a little idea of some of my likes and dislikes.   The parcel was perfect, full of unusual and very tasty goodies!

Included were; a pot of Simon's Bacon Jam - now this sounds a bit weird, but it really is delicious, both myself and Martin can't keep away from it.  It's really savory and bacony and tastes great with cheese and crackers.  Another home-made treat was a jar of marinated feta cheese, made from Nigella Lawson's recipe - I adore all things Greek and I'm going to enjoy the cheese, maybe alongside some juicy stuffed olives.

Also in my parcel is a packet of Mrs Crimbles Cheese Biscuits - I've never tried these before but I'm hooked.  They really are moreish, thin and crispy and very cheesy!

To finish the foodie delights, I discovered a bag of gorgeous praline chocolate that Simon and Karen had bought from the Old Fashioned Sweet Shoppe, a couple of pieces of that alongside a cup of coffee made with the Italian Ginevra blend that they included is the perfect way to end the day.

Another wonderful parcel from the Foodie Penpals scheme, if you'd like to sign up, just fill out the form at the Rock Salt blog here

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  1. What an intriguing idea, this is the first I have heard of it. I am not a winter person either!