Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Guest Review of The Merde Factor by Stephen Clarke

I'm delighted to introduced another of my guest reviewers to my blog today.   Susan has read and reviewed Stephen Clarke's The Merde Factor which was published in September by Century, part of Cornerstone Publishing.

I'll let Susan introduce herself to you:
I am a 33-year-old girl (lady always makes me feel old!), who until recently worked as a retail manager, and after facing redundancy have begun working part-time hours in retail and offering more time to Samaritans where I currently volunteer.  I am unmarried, and live alone.  Needless to say, my favourite hobby is reading; mostly chic-lit, crime and thrillers.

So back to The Merde Factor   and a little about the author.  Stephen Clarke lives in France where he divides his time between writing and not writing.  His first novel, A Year In The Merde, originally became a word of mouth hit in Paris in 2004, and is now published all over the world.  Since then he as published three more best-selling Merde novels.

Here are Susan's thoughts on The Merde Factor:

I looked at the title and synopsis of this book and thought it looked like an enjoyable read.  The front cover is amusing and the storyline blurb on the back of the book had enough content to make me want to read on.
I didn't realise that the book is a part of a series, and maybe due to this, I found myself struggling to follow everything that was happening in the story.
I don't speak French, and I think this too made it a little difficult to follow at times.
However, I must say that I really enjoyed the wit and humour in the book.  I found Stephen very funny in his style of writing and there were times when I was reading that I had a little chuckle to myself.  I can honestly say that I believe Stephen has a unique style of writing which is very good.
The main characters in the story are likeable, and I was keen to find out how the story would end.  My favourite character is Jake who is a 'wannabe' poet with the inability to compose poems!

Huge thanks Susan for your honest review, thanks so much for contributing to my blog.


  1. I loved the other Merde novels and hadn't realised there was a new one. Thanks ladies!

  2. Same here, I hadn't heard of this book although I have read the others in the series. They are really funny and it's well worth reading the series from the beginning to get all the back story.