Friday 30 November 2012

Foodie Penpal Reveal - November

Where did November go to?  Time seems to fly away so quickly, it's hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 2012 already.

I'm still really enjoying being part of the Foodie Penpal project, I get really excited when my parcel arrives and I love creating my parcel to send out too.  This month, my parcel sender was Claire from Grimsby in North Lincolnshire, so not very far away at all.  Claire runs her own business which produces Scrubbys Crisps; really classy crisps made from root vegetables, they are well worth trying out if you like good savoury snacks.  Claire is on Twitter @scrubbyscrisps

My parcel from Claire was packed with delicious goodies, she did really well and sent things that really are perfect for me.

Strawberry covered Coffee Beans:  These are pretty unusual, but very moreish.  The coating is sweet and fruity and inside there is a whole coffee bean - strawberry coffee - yum.

Tangy Orange Drinking Fudge from Fudge Kitchen - Wow! I've never seen drinking fudge before so was really keen to try it - it's DELICIOUS!!  The fudge is liquid form, packaged in a sachet and you just add boiling water - simple, but oh so good!

Thai Rock Salt from Flavour Magic - I love herbs and spices and seasoning and have a special shelf in my kitchen with lots of different varieties but I'd never come across these before.  It's rock salt infused with different flavours, the Thai variety includes lemongrass, chilli, ginger and garlic.  I've had a little taste and am going to use this in my next Thai Curry.

A slab of Scorcher Chedder from The Cherry Tree - this is HOT HOT HOT!  Chedder with pieces of red chilli and green jalapenos running through it - I like it, I like it alot - but I can only bear a small piece at a time!

A pot of Super Sweet Chilli Jam from Mercers of Yorkshire - again, this is HOT, but yet again, this is GOOD.  Sweet Chilli is one of my favourite flavours and this one is especially nice.

A packet of Organic Oatcakes from Side Oven Bakery  - these are really delicate and crumbly and go perfectly with a slice of the Scorcher Chedder and a smear of Sweet Chilli Jam.

What a really fantastic parcel, I've been so lucky with my Foodie Penpal parcels so far.

I sent my parcel over to Anna who lives in the Republic of Ireland and has her own blog that you can take a look at here .  I sent Anna a selection of Lincolnshire goodies, including Poacher cheese and plum bread.

If you are interested in signing up for the Foodie Penpal project, just fill out the form at the Rock Salt blog here

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